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Thanks to numerous issues with LJ, I'm trying to move to Dreamwidth although I'm having serious problems with my reader page. If you're interested, [personal profile] coffeeandink has a great tutorial, How to Move from LJ to Dreamwidth in Six Easy Steps.

Now on to the reason you're all still reading this journal -- the recs:

It's Just The Age Where Nothing Fits by [personal profile] 08adabry is RPF, Bleighton, AU, Rebel Without A Cause, NC-17. Did you get that? It's an AU in which Blake Lively is James Dean's character, but, like, for real? Whatever. It's brilliant. You had me at cross-dressing, dapperQ Blake. The story does diverge from Rebel, but nothing is lost and everything is gained in this femslash universe. I LOVED this!! Then again, it hits some of my major kinks (hello identity, gender-as-performance, etc.) and it's beautifully written, so there?

Also bleighton and also AU (apparently [personal profile] pirateygoodness is implicated in both these fics is Every Mile is Two in Winter by [profile] thrace_ is R and takes place in the universe of Blaaken the Bloodthirsty with a crossover with Legend of the Seeker (who are not real people but the characters Cara and Kahlen). Got that? Blake is Blaaken, Leighton is her...wench. Cara and Kahlan come seeking an alliance and all hell breaks loose. I know I've made it sound complicated, but it really isn't. It's just great fic!

Into RPF? I have quite a few on my delicious account including a TON of incredibly hot [personal profile] trancer21 RPF glee fics. Srsly. You will need a cold shower. Or three.

There are more, but I'm lazy. Later. After the end of the semester nightmare is over.



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