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[livejournal.com profile] sugarmomma chimed in with some fantastic recs of her own, so I thought I'd share with the class.:

The War by Kauri is NC-17 and there is non-con in this one. But believe me, I have a VERY low threshold for non-con (and absolutely no tolerance for rape), so this one should be safe for even the most squeamish. This is, however, a dark fic. Unlike the romantic view of the dark side of Xena we see so often, this fic gives it to us in all of its complexity and ugliness. Set during the ep "The Price", which apparently involves Xena returning to her warlord roots in order to save a group of besieged warriors from the invading and superior forces of the horde, this fic takes on Xena's dark side with very realistic results. Not to mention that the writing is absolutely five-star. One of the things that bothered me about the show was the way they flirted with Xena's darkness, but never really WENT there. I have a 'show don't tell' issue. This fic does. It just felt right to me and a large part of that is the writing, especially the writing of the sex scenes, which manages to be realistic without feeling like the writer (or us) is meant to get off on Gabrielle's fear, confusion, and pain. And yet, they still manage to be erotic because Gabrielle can't help but be aroused -- she's wanted Xena for too long and she knows her Xena is still in there somewhere. What can I say, Kauri's a gifted writer. Plus, there's the fact that Kari's Xena is the one who suffers the most from her actions, from giving up her soul in order to save this army. There is a happy ending of a sort, but again, this is dark, deadly, and absolutely gorgeous.

Conqueror by Catherine M. Wilson is NC-17 and has the distinction of being written before any Conqueror eps were actually aired. Ms. Wilson's story is not quite as dark as The War, but it still takes on Xena's dark side. Xena's a warlord and Gabrielle is given to her as a hostage by her village in order to assure their safety. Xena takes pleasure in the young woman's fear, but is slowly, imperceptibly won over by her hostage. More spectacular writing.

Please make sure you leave feedback for all the stories you read and enjoy. Or send an email to the author. Either way, leave the slashy love for these hardworking, underpaid writers.

I promise to rec a few non-Xena fics soon. ;)

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You know, I know this is a couple of days after the fact but I had never read The War before (I'm a late bloomer with the Xena phenomenon) and I was blown away by it. I found it so compelling (and erotic) and extremely well-written that when I finished it, I immediately read it again. Thanks for the rec. This is now one of my favorite Xena fics.