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Did someone send out a memo demanding that femslashers up the production of smoking!HOT fic? Thank you whoever you are!

First, it's Legend of the Seeker, which I don't even watch because [ profile] pirateygoodness and [ profile] thrace_ picspam much better episodes than anything I could ever get on TV. Also, I don't have to sit through Richard and whatever the wizard's name taking up my valuable Cara/Kahlan time.

Not Unlike a Woman and its sequel Feelings are not the same as feeling by [ profile] scurvyknavery (who is also apparently [ profile] pirateygoodness? according to [ profile] jengrrrl who knows everything and therefore This. Must. Be.) are both Cara/Kahlan, both NC-17 and both just brilliant. I love me some badass characters who are working with the good guys, but only reluctantly and certainly only temporarily. Cara's struggle with her attraction to Kahlan is such a brilliant take on this relationship (if anyone should be having issues, it should be the Mother Confessor and she probably does, but Cara's are so much more fun). She can deal with the physical, it's the rest that's got her completely flummoxed. Super-lethal MordS'ith confused about what that weird, nauseating flutter is in her chest=somehow?supercute. And somehow, simultaneously superHot. Magic, I'm telling you.

Then it's In Which Veronica Gets the Memo by [ profile] random_flores, which is Veronica/Linda, MATURE, and it's FPREG, people. So very, very many of my kinks. Fantastic fic in perfect voice. This should be an episode. Except that they'd cut the hotsex and that would not be right. Because the memo this week was definitely for hothotfemslash. [ profile] random_flores got it, thankfully!

The next two fics involve BDSM, toys, and every all kinds of hot:
Rocky Road by [ profile] trancer21 is Glee, Dianna/Lea, MATURE, BDSM. Dianna's always been the vanilla one in their relationship. Well, that's about to change in all kinds of super-kinky ways. Nobody does toys and the supersexysmokinghot like [ profile] trancer21.

The next fic is, well, I can only blame [ profile] wizened_cynic and her fucking SPN recs (I HATE this show!!). Damn you, [ profile] wizened_cynic! En Travesti by [ profile] lazy_daze is Daneel/Genevieve (I don't know who these people are and I couldn't care less), MATURE and there will be toys. While the boys are doing their own homoerotic male bonding over football at the sports bar, the women are role-playing and having unbelievably hot sex.
Until It Disappeared by [ profile] thrace_ is Emily/JJ, Criminal Minds, PG-13. What I love about this fic (besides the fact that I got to read it before all y'all) is that it is so JJ-centric. We really get a chance to get inside JJ's thoughts and see her life. There's also the fact that it's an AU (Emily's left for L.A.) so we get to see a more fully fleshed, more confident Emily. Also, some hurt/comfort, which is always good.
Also in the awesome Emily/JJ AU is On a Burning Beach by [ profile] calleigh_j. Loads of delicious Emily backstory (she's CIA in this AU) and a great story. Awesomeness.

The Hardest Part About Saying Hello is Goobye by [ profile] kben is Glee, Rachel/Quinn in a Time Traveler's Wife AU, PG-13. Yes, it's a bit disorienting at first (it should be!), but this is a truly wonderful story. Love the way Quinn and Rachel meet and remeet and unmeet... and fall in love somewhere in all of that non-linear time traveling confusion. Love. This.
Also, if this you need some sex in your glee, there's [ profile] trancer21's volcanicallyhot Perfect Pitch, Rachel/Quinn, pwp:
“You are NOT practicing scales while going down on me!”

Also file under OMGsofuckinghot! is Not Unlike A Woman by [ profile] scurvyknavery, Cara/Kahlan, MATURE, Legend of the Seeker. Cara finds It in a marketplace and she and Kahlan renegotiate the terms of their 'relationship' while the boys are away.

the (totally appropriate!) Gay for Kahlan! icon courtesy of [ profile] deej.

She's the Wave by [ profile] austen is leighton/blakelively, rpf, PIRATES!! I don't know why this pair of actresses inspires such pirateygoodness (yes, she's the author of another amazing pirate fic, the mother of them all -- see what I did there internets?), but thank dog it does!

I really have become the worst kind of LJ lurker. Sorry about that all you incredible femslashers. I do, however, keep a list of those fics I've actually read and mean torec over on delicious. Please to check it out. It includes some yuletide fic (Rachel Maddow fic! people!, babysitters' club!, etc.!), some not so recent fic, and other stuff.

One of the greatest things about Yuletide (yanno, besides the greatness of the heroic mods) is that we/I get to read some more obscure pairings (in other words, non DWP or GL). Yuletide=love.


Oct. 24th, 2009 02:30 pm
I'm sure many of you have seen this already, but do you know this girl? Because she doesn't know who she is and is stuck in the NYC system until someone recognizes her. Many have pointed out that she may be connected to fandom based on the few things she does remember.
Ash, by Malinda Lo, is a fairy tale...I want to say 'with a twist', but that makes it sound like too many of the current titles out there that are 'vampires with a twist' or 'Jane Austen with a zombie twist' and it most certainly doesn't fall into that category. Although it has elements that will remind you of other fairy tales, it departs from it/them in a way that is wonderfully satisfying. In fact, one of the really beautiful things about this book is the 'fairy tales' the characters tell each other and themselves that add to the larger narrative and overall worldbuilding.
I have to admit that I was prejudiced against this book and hadn't even considered it because the author was an editor/writer for AfterEllen and although this is a site I check daily, I find it frustrating and downright infuriating at times. But that's on me and it's not at all fair because, hello! we all have to make a living. And Lo's writing in Ash couldn't be more different than her writing for AfterEllen. Actually, it was Nicola Griffith's rec that got me to take another look at and ultimately buy it and I'm glad I did. It's not without its faults -- I found the pacing to be the most frustrating thing (the book takes a great deal of time setting up Ash's story and her involvement with the fairy, Sidhaen, leaving not much time/room for Huntress's story and the book's ultimate resolution -- I seriously kept checking the jacket with twenty pages to go thinking that the book could never resolve itself in the remaining pages and must have a sequel) -- but I can say that I loved it (and seriously, I can find fault with anything I read -- I'm a a grad student, that's my job!). It was beautifully written and imagined and I can't stop thinking about it. And even though I found it very enjoyable as an adult reader, I, like Nicola, wish that someone had given me a copy of this book when I was a teen or tween. It would have changed my life. And that's no small thing.
Yes, this is a WIP and I have a (probably ridiculous) policy about not posting recs of stories that may not be finished, but this fic is deserving of one of my few exceptions. Also, it came along at exactly the right time. In other words, I needed it.

State of Grace by [ profile] syrensoul_red is Xena, post-fin, NC-18, WIP. This is one of those fics where everything comes together, the writing, the incredible characterization and the exceptional story. Not to mention that it hits my warrior!Gabrielle kink, like whoa! Post-Fin, the warrior Gabrielle makes her way back from Egypt to Thebes to see Sappho perform. Xena's ghost follows. Just astonishingly good! And [ profile] sr_m_grammatica is the beta/editor for this piece (from what I can gather), which should be even greater recommendation for you Xena fans. This has all the makings of a classic. Go give the love and coax this writer into writing more. Soon. :)

edited because while [ profile] sr_m_grammatica is apparently supplying inspiration, she isn't the beta on this wonderful piece.

Also, the writer has chimed in to let me/us know that this is not a ghost!Xena story. Or it is in the very best way. :)
Hail Mary by [ profile] bluflamingo is SGA, Weir/Cadman, PG-13. Actually, it's not technically Weir...You'll just have to trust me that this is a phenomenal fic and I can't really tell you too much without giving it all away. Not that it relies on some 'gotcha' at the end, but it's about identity, bodies, and consciousness and so many of my kinks.

I'm Your Baby Tonight by [ profile] fembuck is Jennifer's Body, Jennifer/Needy, MATURE. . So very, very hot while still dealing with the subtleties and complexity of Needy/Jennifer.
I'm sure everyone on my flist has heard something about Caster Semenya, the South African runner whose gender was challenged (by one of the hyper-feminine 'women' she beat) after she smoked the rest of the field in August. Since then, this 18 year old athletic genius has been absolutely villified by the press, called a 'freak', and generally abused in what seems to many (including many South Africans) to go beyond 'just' gender into outright racism. She's been subjected to a horrifying 'makeover' to make her more 'feminine' and recently some asshole at the IAFF leaked the results of her 'sex testing' (this, btw, is an impossiblity, there's really no such thing as a 'sex test'. It's a subjective bunch of hooey. Read Fausto-Sterling's Sexing the Body for more info) to the tabloids who used words like 'hermaphrodite' to describe her condition and incorrectly refer to her as a 'woman and a man'. Pam tells you why this is WRONG. Next they'll start referring to lesbians as 'inverts' again. Thanks to all of this horrifying nastiness (I like to think of it as evil in its most obvious form) Caster Semenya is now on suicide watch. Gone is the golden glow of a beautiful athlete in her prime, this Caster Semenya is a woman destroyed. The woman in the article describes Caster as 'a raped woman' and I think that pretty much sums it up.

Bottom line, no matter what you think about this extremely complicated gender issues going on here, this is an 18 year-old girl who was raised as a girl, had no reason to think she was anything but a girl until someone didn't like the fact that she didn't look like their idea of a girl and, oh yeah, she smoked the field of more 'feminine' athletes. Who were not tested, btw. Who knows what secrets the bodies of these other 'female' athletes are hiding. This is a teenager whose life has been completely and utterly destroyed. There's talk of taking her medals and barring her from future competition. And, oh yeah, her very personal and private medical information has been broadcast to the entire fucking planet!!

It's difficult to figure out what to do here, but I've started by emailing the IAFF to tell them that not only have they broken their own rules, but they have unfairly destroyed the life of a truly astonishing and beautiful athlete. Not to mention the clear invasion of privacy and possibly violation of her human rights. They should, at the very least, gender test all of the female athletes that compete or test none of them. Caster Semenya was singled out for testing because she didn't meet Western European notions of beauty/'femininity' and, oh yeah, because she WON. According to their own guidelines, the IAAF sees the athletes and checks them when they have their pants down for drug testing (how fucking creepy is that?!) so there's no way that her competitors and the IAAF's own officials didn't know that she was 'female'. No. Way. Which brings us back to that ugly, ugly little beast, envy. The IAAF should let her keep her medals and let her run. She is and always has been a woman. Until we finally begin to understand that gender and sex aren't binaries, there's no other way to define/categorize/box someone like Caster. And in the end, she should be allowed to define/identify herself. It certainly shouldn't be up to a bunch of subjective, anonymous 'experts' and the rabidly nasty and narrow-minded Western press.

I've also written Athletics South Africa association to ask them where to send letters and emails of support and received a very nice email back telling me that they would forward them on to Caster. So email them here ( with your love and support. Someone needs to tell Caster and South Africa (and the fucking world!) that she has fans and support all over the world. If anyone has any better ideas about who to contact, please let me know.

For the love of all that is good, LET CASTER RUN!

/off soapbox

edited to add the bolded stuff.


Sep. 4th, 2009 12:05 am
Good grief this is amazing! An Exercise in Politics by [ profile] suaine is Gwen/Morgana, Arthur/Merlin (implied), Merlin, PG-13. Morgana was married off by Uther to a sadistic king years before. Now, her husband is dead and Morgana's life and the life of her son are in danger. Gwen, now queen, goes on a rescue mission. Beautiful writing here and a wonderful story. And it hits one of my major kinks: a kickass Morgana who can FIGHT! And a Gwen who redefines what a lady is and should be. Seriously, if this was the show? I'd watch it every night. Really beautiful stuff.


Aug. 10th, 2009 12:21 am
Was rifling through my bookmarks trying to figure out what was worth keeping, what should be thrown away when I ran into [ profile] lysachan's Homage to Pepa/Silvia and remembered why I loved this show and this pairing so damn much. Picspam and video links and pepa/silvia awesomeness. Not to mention a sort of coming out for those of us who agree (and I so do) that Pepa is all kinds of hot, but Silvia is and will always be our notsosecret crush.
Okay, yes, I hate this show. But I'm a total ho for good fanfic and this is not just good fanfic, it's extraordinary!

Women!Gossip! Vampires! by [ profile] pirateygoodness is Blake Lively/Leigton Meester, rpf crossover w/True Blood, NC-17. This fic is incredibly well-written, beautifully paced and so very, very sexy and VAMPIRES! Blake and Leigton on set and behind the scenes as Blake processes that her co-star is not just a thousand different kinds of hot, but, well ...different. AWESOMENESS! And I'm not just saying that because I'm drunk! This is a vampire fic so be warned: there will be blood. But only in the sexiest, GOGA way.


Aug. 8th, 2009 04:59 pm
Apparently the PTB at LJ want me to switch to dreamwidth? Because that is the only explanation that makes sense. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Denial Of Service Attack, blah blah, gay sex, blah blah, congress. Fix the damn thing!

The Wire

Aug. 1st, 2009 06:09 pm
Just in time for Blog Against Racism week, an exceptional fic from [ profile] bank_farter:
Them Ghosts is Kimmy/Tosha, Mature. For those of you who watched (and loved) this series, but may not remember these two, [SPOILER] they were the two lesbians who hooked up with Omar (platonically) and his boyfriend to rob dealers. This is an extraordinary fic about two exceptional characters who really deserved their own. The two actresses (and writers) did so much with such limited screen's just a shame that they didn't get more. bank creates a rich and haunting backstory for these two that really sings. Damn, I want Tosha and Kimmy to have their own series. If you haven't seen the series, there is some serious spoilage in here, but read it anyway. It'll make you NEED to see the source material.

As always, go and leave some love for the hard-working writer(s)!!!
Guinevere of the High Seas by [ profile] hyel is Gwen/Morgana, PG-13 and it is PIRATES!! We all know how I love the pirates. I also love it that this is a colonial re-setting of the Pendragon myth. Works so very well here. Of course I want MORE. But who wouldn't want more of Guinevere, the pirate queen? The escaped slave who, with the help of her former mistress, takes over the pirate ship that once held them captive (and Morgana for ransom)? Srsly? *thud*

Amateur Deconstruction by [ profile] harper_m is Criminal Minds, Emily/JJ, MATURE. Astonishingly good fic that's a wonderful character study of Emily and JJ. Everything about this fic rings true, especially Emily's reactions and this is really an Emily fic even though it's JJ's pov, which is astonishingly difficult to pull off, but it's done perfectly here. A BAU profiler, particularly a female one, would have serious control and intimacy issues. Nothing about romancing and/or seducing Emily would be easy. Amazing writing. I love all of harper's writing, but I seem to be especially fond of the one's she's...not so sure about? ;)

The Truth Will Get You Laid by [ profile] thrace_ is SGA, Cadman/Keller, PG-13. Hilarious story about the accident-prone Cadman and 'truthiness'. Great stuff! you had me at the title. *G*

How to Survive a Broken Heart by [ profile] faithtastic is Buffy/Tara, BTVS, Mature. Really fantastic piece that uses the PWP setup for a really fascinating character study.

written for [ profile] thelittlebang:
My Heart is Plotting Treason by [ profile] pirateygoodness is Gossip Girl, RPF, AU, Mature. It's 1964. Blake is one of the CIA's finest, even if she does tend to do most of her spying dressed as a gentleman. Leighton is a Russian girl working for the greasiest, most corrupt Bolshevik gangsters in London. Oldest story in the world. Srsly? It's as good as it sounds. And then some. And pirateygoodness can WRITE.

RPF, pr0n!

Jul. 2nd, 2009 06:35 pm
I know. It's been too long since there's actually been a rec on this LJ. And even longer since I've posted strictly for pr0n purposes. Thankfully, [ profile] trancer21 and [ profile] fembuck finally gave in to Megan Fox's cries for help:

Wishes by [ profile] trancer21 is RPF, Olivia Wilde/Megan Fox, VERY MATURE! I would give you a rundown of the story, you really care? Hot sex and teh two stars who has it.

Of All the Gin Joints in All the World by [ profile] fembuck is, again, the Make a GOGA Wish Foundation's answer to Megan Fox's not-so-secret dream to strangle an ox or something. Again, Very Mature so don't go there if you're too... immature.


Jun. 28th, 2009 03:28 pm
Making Light says it better than I could: Sometimes Violence Is the Answer.

Especially when violence is the question.
There's quite a bit of fan fiction set in New York City, mainly Manhattan. You really can't write Law & Order fic without at least giving a nod to New York. Problem is, it becomes very obvious, very quickly to those of us who have lived in NYC that you haven't. A few things to keep in mind when you're setting fic in NYC:

cut because this got away from me )


Jun. 21st, 2009 10:04 pm
[ profile] barbarienne's post is really a reaction to another discussion, but it stands on its own: Ass kicking is gender neutral. And kicks ass!

I don't even know why this is up for discussion anymore. The fact that it is just...hurts me.


Jun. 13th, 2009 05:28 pm
Our very own [ profile] mantaraggio runs the blog over at Shameless and makes a great case for fan fiction in her latest Seeing the World in Different Ways, particularly in light of the misogynist and just worthless offerings for female moviegoers. Her shameless blog is always a great read, but this one happens to be about this LJ's raison d'etre, so I had to shout out. Go manta!

btw, she also points to a fantastic femslashy reworking of Bride Wars that I hadn't seen! Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson are meant for each other! Yanno, when Anne/Andy isn't shagging Miranda.


Jun. 12th, 2009 07:44 pm
leavethesky: (gabrielle warrior)
I'm sure a lot of people on my flist have seen the bomb dropped by [ profile] cereta, but for those who haven't, On rape and men (Oh yes, I'm going there) is exceptional and something every woman and man should read. It's amazing that it still needs to be said at all, but at least someone is saying it and saying it well. It's difficult for me to write about these things without going on a tangent/rant, but [ profile] cereta is incredibly efficient in her argument and leaves pretty much no loose ends. And because I'm a lesbian I tend to keep such statements private because my sexuality has been used against me in this argument before (read: oh, you're a dyke so of course you think all men are rapist pigs anyway). In other words, she says exactly what I wanted to say, but couldn't.



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