Since I am the grinchiest of all Grinches I thought I'd put together a Xmas post and spread some femslash cheer. Tis the season, etc. And what better present (as [ profile] mantaraggio often reminds me) than pr0n!!

So some of my fav dirty fics or fics w/the bestest sex, in no particular order:
Champagne Supernova by [ profile] fembuck is Gemma/Felicity, A Great and Terrible Beauty and it is SUPERhot!

Like the End of the World Still Counts by [ profile] pirateygoodness is Racetrack/Seelix, BSG.

Reason by [ profile] harper_m is Ash/Scribbs, Murder in Suburbia. School uniforms and hot sex!

Six Keys by by politicx is Scully/Reyes, X-Files.

The Conqueror's Touch by Xena's Little Bitch is Xena/Gabrielle.

Untitled from [ profile] fembuck is a ficlet that's a sort of incredibly porny spinoff from her ongoing Twilight fic, Alice/Bella. Vampires, periods and hot, hot sex.

The Show by BL Miller is Xena/Gabrielle. Gabrielle and Xena unwittingly sit through a live sex show at an all-women taverna.

Missionary Position by JustSkipIt is Willow/Tara, BTVS. This isn't soft and fluffy W/T. Tara is an evangelical xtian who seduces girls to Jesus by whatever means necessary. Hilarious and incredibly hot!

What Do You Do by Imagine is Xena/Ofc. The OFC is a whore Xena meets as a 17 year-old warlord. Hotter than hell!

Five Times Jill Barnhart Had Sex With Lindsay Boxer, And One Time She Didn’t by [ profile] trancer21 is Lindsay/Jill, Women's Murder Club and it's unfuckingbelievably hot!

um, wow that's a lot of smut. And there's sooooo much more out there. but only so much time. Just enough to get you in the to speak. Happy holidays!! More smut to come...feel free to help me out. With more fic that is. *G*

ETA one of my fav smutfics EVER, Pit Stop, SPN (I know! wtf?!), Jo/Jess. Soooooo pornaliciously perfect.
Callie Torres and the Gay Freakout by [ profile] jennyo is Grey's Anatomy, Callie/Hahn, PG-13. Yes, you read that rating correctly, but it's still hot...without any actual sex. And hilarious.

Like 'End of the World' Still Counts as a Reason by [ profile] pirateygoodness is BSG, Racetrack/Seelix, Mature. It's the end of the semester (technically, anyway), which calls for a smut. And this PWP is cause for celebration cause it's smokin' hot.

Arachne Into a Spider by [ profile] projectjulie is BSG, Tory/Starbuck, Tory/Caprica, but mainly Tory/Laura, Mature. This is insanely great fic. Heady and hallucinatory as you'd expect from this writer, and smokin' hotter than the fiery furnaces of Hell.


Apr. 16th, 2008 08:52 pm
Immaculate by [ profile] pirateygoodness is BSG, Gina/Cain, R. This is a very short, very hot, haunting fic. I love fic that really explores the machine/human hybrid and what that means. How that feels, how it doesn't feel. How it would feel differently. Or not. In other words, pirateygoodness tapped into one of my many kinks. This fic manages to be incredibly complex in a minimum of lines. Lovely!

Edited because I forgot the link. *facepalm*
Apparently, [ profile] pirateygoodness and [ profile] tellitslant were inspired by the femslashtic pics of Tricia Helfer and Katee Sackhoff to write an incredibly hot fic: We're Here for a Good Time (Not a Long Time) is NC-17. What do you do when a thunderstorm hits during you motorcycle tour? Hit a liquor store for some beer, check in to a skanky motel and have incredibly hot sex, of course!

Leave the love for the sexinators/writers!
How do I love my femslashers? Let me count the ways:

more smut under the cut )

Xena, BSG

Jul. 6th, 2007 07:05 pm
Xena rec of the day:
High Intensity by Bel-wah is PG-13. This is an excellent novel-length uber about a rich businesswoman attempting to climb Mt. Everest. Enter uberXena, a quiet, mountain-climbing guide with a tragic past. This really is an excellent read. I'm pretty sure it has already been published. I'd be surprised if it hasn't. The author definitely knows the details of mountain-climbing (I have a brother who's a climbing nut) and has an ear for rhythm and pacing. My only complaint about this fic is that the transformation of the uberGabrielle character from insufferable spoiled brat to eager student is a bit abrupt. Also, sadly, no pr0n. Still a fantastic story!

Hold a Mirror to My Face and Tell Me It Remains the Same by [ profile] gespawcho is R, Gina/Cain. Since this pairing is now canon (or as canon as 'well we're not going to show it but you'll KNOW that they're together' makes anything -- which is not at all really), I expect a lot of fic because I will surely be disappointed by the story told by the BSG PTB. This is a haunting look at identity and emotion as Gina struggles with her feelings for Cain and her growing recognition of her true identity. Hers is not a face that remains unguarded but when she sleeps there is a clear compromise written somewhere on it.

This should inspire you to go sign up and write for the BSG Femslash Season Three Battle over on [ profile] getyourtoaster, right? Right?


Jan. 7th, 2007 07:25 pm
The pr0n -- it keeps giving.

via [ profile] bsg_femslash

Simple Favorites by [ profile] pocketwitch is Laura/Kara, NC-17, pwp. And [ profile] pocketwitch gives us the just as hot backstory hinted at in Simple Favorites in Kobol. Both of these fics manage to combine truly astonishingly lovely prose and wonderful characterization with some truly scorching hot sex. Someone mentioned in comments to one of these fics that the majority of fics for this pairing tend to center on power dynamics, which is terribly fucking hot, but it's fascinating to read such a completely different take on this relationship. These are moments stolen away from their 'normal' power-driven lives, moments in which they get to be women with emotions and -- [ profile] pocketwitch uses this as a recurring theme -- need. They sacrifice their pleasure and themselves for no one in these moments. Also, drop-dead gorgeously hot lines like this:
“Your mouth,” the President had whispered, eyes glazed, voice ragged, sweat-damp hair plastered across her face, “is my favorite place.”

Yes, please.


Dec. 3rd, 2006 09:59 pm
So I finally got to see BSG last night and... spoilers and ranting ahoy!! )


Nov. 19th, 2006 11:59 pm
And just to prove I read something other than Xena fic, here's a rec from the BSG world. via [ profile] bsg_femslash:

Ask Me by [ profile] jarrow272 is PG-13, Kat/Racetrack, implied Racetrack/Starbuck. This is a fantastic fic about life on board Galactica before, during and after the colonization of New Caprica. More than that, it's about Kat and Racetrack and life after Starbuck. Perfect characterization as Kat (and Racetrack) grapples with her insecurities to deal with Racetrack's past with Starbuck.

Kat could fire five rounds from a spin without breaking a sweat, but she trembled when Racetrack breathed in her ear, shaking the first time she unzipped her flight suit.

Beautiful, complex stuff. Like the show at its best.
I was so sure I had called what was to my mind the brilliant conclusion of the latest BSG...

don't be spoiled!! )


Sep. 17th, 2006 12:59 am
Just a quickie because I decided to take a break from the mountain of reading and there was [ profile] jennyo fic in my flist!! Starbuck BSG [ profile] jennyo fic!

Five Bad Girls Starbuck Hooked Up With to Britney Spears is Starbuck/Meredith, Starbuck/Cadman, Starbuck/Faith, Starbuck/Helena, and Starbuck/Lucy Diamond R and is all kinds of hilarious and Hot. What's truly incredible about this fact (besides the hilarity and the hot) is the way [ profile] jennyo manages to keep Kara and everyone else in character over all of these crazy!different fanuniverses.
Two cracktastic offerings today.

First, it's [ profile] trancer21 giving us the real story of Karen Sisco and Marley (aka Addison)How Karen met Marley in PICTURES!!! for the win.

Also for the win,[ profile] jennyo and [ profile] fox1013 team up again to bring more RPF crack. I don't know how to explain these fics except that they are crazygenius and you will laugh your ass off and be amazed at the perfect characterization of Mary McDonnell (and a bunch of other familiar actors from SG, GA, Alias, etc.) even though she's setting up some zombie cage fighting off the real world. In Canada. Of course, President Stands-With-A-Fist has an ulterior motive, but it just wouldn't be Mary M. if she didn't.
Illegal Zombie-Actor Cage Fighting, is the first and is followed by
How Lucy Lawless Got Her Groove Back which is even more insider rpf canadian mafia. And yes, I was totally lost (I don't know half the actors mentioned), but I STILL love.
Tacky Lesbian Hijinks which doesn't involve zombies, but does involve Sandra Oh, Felicity Huffman and a lesbionic Kate Hiegl/Kate Walsh. It's WAR!
Zombie Snakes on a Train, PG-13/R, RPF, Mary McDonnell, Samuel Jackson, Snoop and a plethora of familiar actors, directors, etc. all fighting motherfucking zombie snakes on a train...on their way to ComicCon.
Sheer. Motherfucking. Genius.
In honor of International Blog Against Racism Week I thought I'd wrack my sickly, feeble brain and come up with some femslash gems that feature non-white principals...and wow, this is much harder than it should be. I know that media doesn't give us a hell of a lot to work with, but still... why is femslash so frickin' whitebread?

Please take note that most of these fics don't deal with the race issue at all, just hot sex and love between two women, one or more of whom is not of northern european descent. Also note that this post is far from comprehensive, I just wanted to get something out there to open up discussion and hopefully get more recs for myself :) 'cause I know my flist has more fics in their back pocket.

Storm/Ororo from the X-Men Universe should have libraries of fic dedicated to her, but I've only encountered a few. Granted, I don't know that much about the X-verse, but I have a feeling that Storm's underrepresented in the world of femslash.
Janine, aka [ profile] fembuck's Pack Up the Moon and Dismantle the Sun is Ororo/Jean, Mature angst. Janine's prose is beautiful and haunting as always. [ profile] fembuck writes Storm often so check out her LJ. I'm too tired to go digging through all of her wonderful fic.

BSG is one of the few fandoms that actually has multiple canon characters played by non-white actors, but race doesn't seem to be an issue in space. i guess when you're being hunted by the apocalyptic Cylon!other things like skin color don't really mean anything. Which is probably a cop-out on the part of the writers or, possibly, a hopeful and utopian ideal of how an 'advanced' culture should look and act.

Pressed by [ profile] tellitslant is Tory/Cain, NC-17. Ahhh, you know I'm a sucker for power dynamics and PWP and tellitslant DELIVERS.

Defragment by [ profile] exquiscadavre is Six/Galactica!Boomer, NC-17. This is hot in a compugeek, literary way that really makes me love it to death.

Intrinsic Betrayal by Harper is Starbuck/Boomer, NC-17. I've recced this before so I'll just say again that I loved it.

Satiation by [ profile] jennyo is Roslin/Maya, NC-17 and good ghod is it hot.

Set to Explode by [ profile] fox1013 is Starbuck/Kat, NC-17. Playing off all of that wonderful hate!sex tension.

Second Sin by [ profile] leyenn is Starbuck/Dualla, NC-17. Again with the scorching hot..and angsty. this is a fantastic piece with perfect characterization of a hollowed-out Starbuck looking for a little peace and finding it in Dee.

There are so many great fics in this fandom that actually feature characters who aren't blonde, blue-eyed, and pale. Check out [ profile] projectjulie's BSG femslash masterlist or [ profile] getyourtoaster for all the goods.

Hmmm, are there any fics that feature two non-white characters together?

Bend it Like Beckham is another great fandom for this theme. I've already recced fic from this fandom, here and here. New Kind of Real by afrai is one of the few fics in any fandom that takes on the issue of race and ethnicity and it's wonderfully done. One of the best fics in any fandom, hands down.

Firefly should have a ton of fic I could put in this post, but I guess Zoe's relationship with Wash makes it difficult because surely, SURELY Zoe's incredible hawtness would inspire hundreds of thousands of pages of fic. Anyone have any Zoe slash for me? Anyone?

The whiteness of the femslash Buffyverse is appalling. Then again, the whiteness of the Buffyverse is appalling so what can I expect? Faith seems to be the default Other character on the show, which just doesn't cut it.

Harper has several fics that feature the incredible hotness of Michelle Rodriguez:
Rule of Opposites is Charlotte/Diana in an NC-17 Sex in the City, Girlfight crossover that shouldn't work at all but is absolutely wonderful and perfect. This fic does tackle some issues, but it's class more than race. Still an incredible fic.

No Time for Apologies is Rain/Alice, NC-17 from Resident Evil and it's a wonderful and haunting behind-the-scenes look at the Rain/Alice ship.

Crush, Crushing, Crush is Eden/Ann-Marie, NC-17 from Blue Crush. Again, this is more about class than race, but still... Michelle fucking Rodriguez!

You know, I'm not sure this post was such a good idea. I don't feel like it's saying much about racism except that femslash, as a whole, seems to reflect media in its notable absence of non-white characters. Yes, there are a lot of very good exceptions, but I don't read a lot of fic that describe Zoe, or Boomer, or Storm as the beautiful, desirable, fierce and ass-kickingly gorgeous women they are. On the other hand I read LOTS of fic (actually, I stop reading lots of fic) that spend an inordinate amount of time describing Alex Cabot's milky white skin, blue eyes, and blonde hair as if these are variables in some sort of equation that inevitably equals beautiful/sexy. The best fic doesn't, but the best fic is obviously the exception to the rule.

I know that femslash is mainly about teh sex, but the best fic manages to deal with complex issues and still give us the hot GOGA as well.

Also, I have to say that my flist is doing more than its part to right this imbalance. Which is one of the many reasons you're my flist. :)
because, really, nothing says Get Well (or Get it On) like pr0n:

[ profile] jennyo brings scorchiliscious (shutup, I'm sick, I get to make up ridiculous adjectives!) Orders, Games, and Girl-Pleasing , Kara/Roslin, NC-17. Careful, you may burn yourself on this one.

and thanks to [ profile] mantaraggio for bringing [ profile] omiceti's PWP Untitled which is Barek/Eames, NC-17 and also wins at unbelievably fucking hot.

I'll report back on the healing powers of girl!pr0n later. Now it's back to reading my other heal-all, [ profile] theholyinnocent(aka Vivian Darkbloom)'s Time Waster - Mel and Janice series. Yes, again. Yes, I've already recced this, but it really can't be recced enough. And yes, I'm currently writing an epic sequel that involves Francesca and the next incarnation of Xena/Mel. And YES, I'm that big of a fangirldork that I write fanfiction for fanfiction. Okay?!

Also, please feel free to follow [ profile] mantaraggio's lead and take me to the crack/pr0n.


May. 9th, 2006 07:12 pm
Today is the rec of the implicit hawt. Or the implied hawt. Or the writing that's so hawt I don't need the sex.

Yes, I've been away for a bit and I'm sure I missed a LOT, but I didn't miss this BSG gem:

first, one of my favorite writers of.all.time. is back in action:
Parade Rest by [ profile] liz_estrada is Starbuck/Cain, PG posted at [ profile] getyourtoaster. Yes, you read that rating correctly. I'm actually reccing something non-NC-17 and for very good reason. Remember when I mentioned all of the hawts above that do not correspond to sticky, sweaty sex? They all refer to this fic. This is some incredibly nuanced Kara characterization. And, more incredibly, some brilliantly nuanced Cain characterization that just nails the far more experienced, manipulative, and just strategically brilliant Cain who sizes Kara up in a few paragraphs better than the writers at BSG have managed in 2 seasons.

The way [ profile] liz_estrada splits Kara/Starbuck into two personalities with different needs and drives is just inspired:
Kara examines the shiny pins with a mixture of wonder and suspicion.

Starbuck does not want them and Kara is proud to have them; Starbuck longs to fling them out an airlock and Kara wants to pin them to her clean, starched uniform and stand before her mother as Captain Thrace of the Colonial Fleet, Air Guard Commander of the Mercury Class Battlestar Pegasus – just to see the old bitch ball her impotent fists and bite her tongue in apoplectic rage.

Very deftly done. And so fucking Kara/Starbuck.
When in you're in the military, the routines and regulations are deeply imbedded in everything you do and are and Ms. Estrada captures it all brilliantly, right down to the ten inches of difference between at attention and at ease. It's this kind of detail (the show don't tell of characterization) that separates the brilliant fic, from the good.

also this:

If she disappoints Helena Cain, there will be no hugs, no tearful reconciliation - there will be dark, irrevocable consequences. She is gambling with her life, and there is no way to fold out of the game. With this realization comes a tickling thrill, a whisper of exhilaration cooling along her tight, sweaty back.

...gah! Did I mention the hawt? You know what? Just go, read. leave lots of love.


Apr. 27th, 2006 12:51 am
Yes, finally, the promised BSG mega-rec. It's not comprehensive by any stretch of the imagination, but I've been lazy for the past few weeks so I'm trying to make up for it. Check [ profile] getyourtoaster and the BSG femslash masterlist for more BSG-flavored femslashiness. Also, I'll be posting more recs as we go, so don't worry, there will be more BSG.

[ profile] projectjulie and [ profile] aeonian team up to create The Word which combines two brilliant fics (The Book of Archers, Starbuck/Roslin, NC-17 and The Book of Ambition, Roslin/Cain, NC-17). And these two fics are only the beginning of a longer 'text' apparently, which is the best news I've had in a long time. Both of these fics are breathtakingly beautiful and sexy. I've already gushed about The Book of Ambition and I'll just say that The Book of Archer is its perfect match. Both are stunning in their characterization of all the women involved with evocative imagery and beautiful language. [ profile] projectjulie's use of The Hymn to Artemis hits every one of my kinks, especially since it brings teh sex back into religion. BSG's handling of religion has been awfully judeo-christian (or puritanical) so far and it's so nice to have someone push those boundaries.

teach me tonight by [ profile] fox1013 is Roslin/Maya, R. Not that I mind some good old-fashioned Roslin/AnyF PWP, but it's lovely to read a fic with such a slow build. But I'm a sucker for romance and fox delivers, like whoa. Plus, fox's domestic Roslin feels like she's one second from blowing people out an airlock, which is always teh hot.

I Wanna Take You to a Gay Bar by [ profile] tellitslant is actually BSG RPF Michelle Forbes/Katee Sackhoff, R. This is a deliciously lovely and funny fic. Katee needs help pushing her character to the next level and Michelle knows exactly what she needs. [ profile] tellitslant does a wonderful and realistic job of portraying these two actresses allowing them to be the actresses with obvious hints of the characters they play visible in their personalities. And it gives a wonderful backstory for all of that LUST that was evident every time these two women shared the screen.

Gifts are Good by [ profile] trancer21, Starbuck/Cally, PG is wonderfully sweet (I can't believe I'm saying that about a trancer fic) with a kick, just like Cally. I think that's what I love most about this fic. trancer gives Cally her moment. Cally is fierce and strong while still maintaining that touching vulnerability. and Starbuck is the perfect contrast/match for her. Plus, Cally finally gets some! How great is that?

Right Kind of Wrong by Harper, Starbuck/Cain, NC-17 explores the twisted relationship between these two incredibly strong, incredibly damaged women.

more BSG recs coming soon...


Apr. 20th, 2006 05:20 pm
Apparently, end of the semester=crack!fic time. *looks up* thank you ghod...or, yunno, whatever's up there.

Fragments Of Lines Written On The Bathroom Walls In Ten Different Fandoms by [ profile] fox1013 should come with a warning label because it's so damn funny you may soil yourself. Or spit food. Or something potentially damaging to furniture and/or equipment.
My favorite is from
"05. Watcher's Council Headquarters, Rome, third floor"

Faith is a slut!!!
Faith, stop writing that.

but they're all so LMAO you might just hurt yourself.


[ profile] thrace_ is writing a Star Wars uber Alias (what?) Sydney/Rachel, Mature that hits all my kinks: action, romance, and hot chicks with light sabers kicking ass. Episode I and Episode II so far. Warning: WIP.

and crack!tastic for entirely different reasons, [ profile] trancer21's Business or Pleasure is SVU/CSI Alex Cabot/Sara Sidle, NC-17. [ profile] trancer21 does wonderful things with language, plot, incredibly evocative rapid-fire scenes and imagery to tell a fantastically hot and complex story in 1808 words. Plus, Sara/Alex!! Apparently Witness Protection takes Ms. Cabot all over the country, putting her in contact with so many hotties. But seriously, this is a fantastic read. And FINALLY kickass takemattersintoherownhands Alex returns!


Apr. 13th, 2006 01:45 am
I don't have time for a longer post, but everyone should read everything on [ profile] getyourtoaster! Seriously. It's all of the v. v. good. Soooooooo good. And so many delicious pairings to choose from. I'll get more specific later, but, um, yeah. Gah!


Apr. 10th, 2006 12:32 am
I know I promised no more spam tonight and I have this gigantic BSG mega-rec to do, but I have a ton of reading to avoid and I read this and it just blew my fucking mind:

The Book of Ambition by [ profile] aeonian, Roslin/Cain, R. on [ profile] getyourtoaster. This is just exquisite writing. Brilliant characterization of both Roslin and Cain and a truly amazing turn at the end that parallels Kara and Cain so beautifully. And all of it in 2nd person, the most difficult thing on earth to write. This is the magic people:

You spend your days preparing children for power. They ask what they can be when they grow up, and you say they can be President.

No one ever told you that.

It's hot and smart, just like Roslin.

Go. Leave the love.


Feb. 19th, 2006 12:58 am
Okay, I think we've already established that I am totally [ profile] jennyo's bitch when it comes to the femslash, but she (thankfully) feels the need to prove it over and over again.

Good Girls Don't (Until They Do), by [ profile] jennyo and [ profile] tellitslant, Kara/Laura, VERY strong NC-17 is just fucking scorching hot. Yes, it's a PWP, but in usual [ profile] jennyo style there are about eleventy different layers of deep in the subtext including power dynamics which happens to be one of my major kinks. it's all hawt because [ profile] jennyo=teh sex.

Also, thank you, thank you, thank you [ profile] femslash06 mods for making my femslash dreams come true. I love my assignment. Except for the part where there are so many fabulous pairings to choose from. whatever shall I do? :)

Edited to add - I screwed up completely and left out [ profile] jennyo's brilliant and talented co-author [ profile] tellitslant who was apparently "the one who got it started while [they] were trying to figure out how to ramp up the Kara/Laura dynamic in a hot yet believable way." Which they completely pulled off. The hot and the believable. So HUGE props and all apologies to [ profile] tellitslant who has now also been entered in the femslashtic Hawt Hall of Fame.



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