For those of you who wish I'd shut up already about politics and get back to the GOGA, [ profile] random_flores just finished her Women's Murder Club/Popular crossover, Sneak, featuring the pairings Lindsay/Cindy, Sam/Brooke, and a surprise pairing for Jill. Mature. This is a 16 part fic with lots of story (Kiss-Me-Not killer) as well as the romance and hotsex most of us are looking for. flores does wonderful things with these characters, the dialogue and a compelling take on the Kiss-Me-Not. Fantastic stuff.
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I remember begging for this particular pairing long ago and [ profile] daemonluna (I think?) brought this brilliant fic to my attention:

Her Beauty and Her Terror by [ profile] ijemanja is Wednesday/Harmony, PG-13, BTVS x Addams Family. For those of you who loved Addams Family Values and noticed that Wednesday's nemesis is none other than BTVS's Harmony (and hoped for slashy goodness someday!), you're in for a gorgeous treat. Srsly. The characterization is PERFECT which leads to unbelievable hilarity and deliciousness because of course Wednesday is working at Wolfram & Hart. Of. Course! This is like an early B-day present just for me (even though it wasn't:). It is made of nineteen kinds of win!!

Sorry for the lack of recs lately, but between classes and my frighteningly large torec list I just want to crawl under my desk and whine. With chocolate.
Thanks to [ profile] ralst's Xena Love interest poll and a comment on that from [ profile] thelastgoodname, I realized that for the first time in ANY fandom I have an OTP: Xena/Gabrielle. I'm sure you've noticed that when it comes to pairings I'm a bit of a ho. But not when it comes to this particular fandom. So, if you're looking for the odd Xena/Callisto or Xena/Lao Ma, sorry, I probably won't have it here. I mean, I don't even bother putting the pairing on my recs, y'all! wtf?

xena rec of the day:
Another one I've recced before: Penance by Penumbra is a dark, BDSM, Conqueror, NC-17. This is the first of a dark trilogy about the Conqueror and the slave.

I sing the song of Xena the Conqueror
Who with a heart of darkness loved light itself.

I sing the song of Gabrielle the Bard
Who with a heart of purest gold loved darkness itself.

Incredibly intense and beautifully written fic.

Also, [ profile] anomalys has added even more Xena recs, plus an HP (Hermione/Tonks). Yes, peeps, it looks like my dream has come true and there's another crazy femslash reccer out there! there's just not enough w00t in the world for that!

Also also, [ profile] ralst has added a bunch of Xena fics (and media) to P&P. And by Xena fics I mean Xena/Gab.

Bionic Woman
[ profile] jennyo re-edits the pilot (in caps) with evil gay sexy results!The Story of Lesbian Robots and Hatesexin' Love. She follows that with the smoking hot fic A Serious Lack of Impulse Control which is Mature (of course!) BTVS/Bionic Woman crossover, Faith/Sarah. Sarah's going hunting and finds Faith. Faith's not Jaimie, but she'll do. Love Sarah's 'voice' in this one, the identity confusion and cyborgisms. There's a malfunction in the wetware somewhere, replacing Faith with Jamie. Not good. Will have to be repaired.You'll need a whole new ranking of hot for this one. gah!
I have had this fic in my enormous 'toread' pile for a while now, but then [ profile] thelastgoodname put it at the top of her monster rec (3 posts worth of recs!) and I decided to break down and give up some hours to fic. And holy fucking WOW!

The Devil's Gate by [ profile] hesychasm is a BTVS/SPN crossover and it's Faith/Jo, NC-17. This is a SPECTACULAR fic that reads more like a novella of a Faith the Vampire Slayer episode. I have to confess that I've never watched Supernatural (sorry, two guys saving the supernatural day is so not my kink) so I can't weigh in on Jo's characterization at all, but she read absolutely true throughout the fic. It's told from Jo's point of view and has everything from an absolutely stunning story involving her dead father and her quest to redeem him to the ultimate/inevitable meetup with Faith and a host of baby slayers to incredible and evocative writing. This is intricately plotted and incorporates all of your favs from the Jossverse -- Angel, Buffy, Andrew and Willow -- and [ profile] hesychasm's descriptions of the spells involved is, well, freakin' magic. Also, hot sex. And did I mention Faith? [ profile] hesychasm's Faith is the dark, complex Faith from Angel and earlier seasons of BTVS, not the whitewashed Faith from S7. The Faith I love and [ profile] hesychasm's use of such a limited POV lets Faith keep her secrets. Go. Read. Leave the love.


May. 13th, 2007 06:13 pm
Um, I know I'm horrible. I don't even watch this show, but it inspires such INCREDIBLE FIC!!!

The Luxury of Time by [ profile] muppetmanda is Cadman/Weir, Mature. This is the first in a series of short, dreamysexy stories that tell the story of Cadman and Weir on earth trying to understand what they mean to each other after Atlantis.

Stops Along the Way by [ profile] amatia is Teyla/Elizabeth, Mature. Again, back on earth and another wonderful story told in quick vignettes.

when the war is over by [ profile] lilysaid is Teyla/Sora, Mature. This is a beautifully written story of politics and love. Teyla is wonderfully drawn trying to ignore her feelings for Sora and lilysaid creates a compelling and mysterious past for the two of them that complicates...well everything, in the best possible way.

Happily Ever After by [ profile] queenzulu is Teyla/Sora, R. Another achingly beautiful fic for this pairing that seems to inspire nothing less.

Cultural Exchange by [ profile] quasiradiant is Teyla/Elizabeth, Very Mature. The item of exchange would be a strap-on. This would be a beautifully written PWP/booty call. Enjoy!

Also, PWP and scorchinghot is [ profile] jennyo's The Girl From Outer Space, Cadman/Addison, Very Mature, Grey's Anatomy/SGA crossover crack!
This is Addison's attempt to stop screwing the help, part six.
Yes, it's crossover Wednesday here at [insert name of the week]. These two center on the SVUniverse:

I know I'm not supposed to rec WIPs, but I can't help myself. [ profile] zennie's fic is just too addictive, plus, I'm hoping that more readers will bother her to update faster. Between Love and Hate is olivia/sara sidle (csi) Mature? Olivia's taken a leave of absence to work in Vegas (what?! it's no more ridiculous than most SVU plots) and meets up/clashes with a difficult coworker in CSI. Hotness ensues.

Untitled Jordan WIP from [ profile] heathers, olivia/jordan, Very Mature. Jordan's in NYC trying to find herself and Olivia volunteers to help. The characterization in this is just pitch-perfect. Jordan is especially well drawn, right down to the signature gestures and speech patterns. This fic has really stuck with me. And, yes, heathers, we would like to see more of this although I think it stands on its own.

also, from [ profile] heathers check out The Myth of Closure olivia/abbie, Very Mature. So it's only technically a crossover, but....More great characterization and a complex relationship between two incredibly hot and difficult women.
Yes, it's crossover (pick a day) here at, Fight Like a Girl. Did you know there's a community of BSG/Stargate crossover fic and it's all Kara/Sam? I didn't.

via [ profile] projectjulie's BSG femslash Master List, I give you [ profile] starcrossedlure.
My favorite is Star crossed Series by [ profile] woodface, which isn't finished yet, but I'm enjoying the hell out of it anyway. Arrogant, distant Sam v. arrogant in-your-face Kara is complex and pretty hot. The rest of the fic in the comm is a series of unrelated ficlets by [ profile] lyssie that are well worth a read for the hotness alone. Kara and Sam in showers, in storage bays, in get the idea. the best thing about these fics (beyond the hotness) is the grittiness of the ship. Everything's in short supply, it's cold, and grimy and...yeah.

And I thought my (WIP) Starbuck/Rain(Resident Evil) crossover was an insane pairing. *shakes head at the wonderfullyinsanewrongness of fandom*



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