Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] sravenk!! You frickin' rockstarJesus!
Kwaya Na Kisser is giving away mp3s of Liz Phair live at the Avalon in Boston. Some amazing tracks and quite a few from her first album (one of my favorite albums of. all time!).

I'm off to grade papers. The stupid! It's KILLING me!!!
Also, why oh why hasn't anyone done a vid to Ladytron's Destroy Everything You Touch? It is so deliciously perfect for so many of my fav bad girls: faith, Dark Willow, Six, Roslin (the one with the airlock), Starbuck, Nikki, Olivia, etc. Etc. PERFECT I tell you.Or maybe someone has and I just don't know about it?
via Boingboing.net again

just in case [livejournal.com profile] lostingeekdom and the rest of the flist couldn't find more of Colbert's video (the one I posted before was only partial), here's 1/3 on You Tube. there are links to 2 and 3 on the side.


Sugar Rush

Apr. 28th, 2006 07:03 pm
via AfterEllen.com:
Apparently Sugar Rush is back for a second season!!!! be aware: S1 spoiler alert for the article

also, Sugar Rush, ep 8/10

eta [livejournal.com profile] sravenk informs that there are S1 spoilers ahoy in the linked article! sorry about that!
Panik by Bratmobile for [livejournal.com profile] sravenk because it has the greatest Joan Jett line of all time (bold and italics below). Plus, bratmobile's cover of Cherry Bomb, both from the album Pottymouth. Sorry if you already have these songs, but I thought it was appropriate given the drunken joan jett line of ramble that I went on the other night, which lead to yesterday's migraine. The drunken part, not the Joan Jett.

by Bratmobile

she wants to play guitar
and let me suck her blood
she even likes DURAN DURAN
let's do it in the mud!
Her name is Panik
she made me panic
She's the straightest girl in town
the one who makes me run
she'll tell me all about her boy
then let me chew her gum
she'll whisper in my ear
when there's just no other way
i'll bing her In the eye
and then she's like "no way"
She's the Joanest Jett in town
like to get her in my bed

she doesn't need a crown
so i'll lasso her instead
Her name is Panik
she made me Panic

For those of you who don't know who Bratmobile was, they were the fucking originators (along with Kathleen Hanna and Toby Vail from Bikini Kill) of the riot grrl movement in music. The lead singer of Bratmobile had a zine called "Girl Germs" which really was ground zero for riot grrl and when she and her friends decided to move to Olympia, WA, pick up instruments and make their own goddamned music, a revolution began. Yes, it's totally lo-fi and they're not musicians by any stretch, but it's so fucking raw and fun and just...yeah. I <3 riot grrl.

While I'm busy uploading, here's another one of their hits, Queenie: "Hip kids know just where to go, I'm the one who tells them so"

Sorry if y'all are sick of my music diatribes, I just feel like riot grrl and homocore never get a fair shake in music history. It's like they're disappearing right before my eyes. So I've taken it upon myself to be that really annoying person who talks about them ad nauseum so no one ever forgets. Long live riot grrrl!!!! And homocore!!!
Búscate un novia is a music blog and they have some fantastic mp3 links, videos, and recs for those of us interested in the latest indie chick music. Yes, it's all in spanish and I can't understand more than my highschoolpatheticlevel Spanish will allow, but the music's all over the map in the best way imaginable. mp3s from Peaches, Tara Jane O'Neill, mates of states and MUCH more. Videos from PJ Harvey, Dresdon Dolls, M.I.A. and even classics like The Slits. The motherfucking Slits, people!!!! This site is teh shit. And I'm not just saying that 'cause my band was recently recced. :) Actually, I had no idea we'd been recced until we exceeded our ginormous bandwidth for the first time ever. I had to check the logs to figure out what the frilly heck was going on.


Dec. 11th, 2005 09:16 pm
for [livejournal.com profile] sravenk and the other riot grrrls on my flist: Strawberry Julius by Bikini Kill possibly the best fucking band of all time.

It’s you
All over my skin
Taking invisible streets
To the fake place
Where we win.....
Watch me now
From the back of the room,
Just don’t touch me with
Your bare hands
Whatever you do.....
I wanna burn baby burn
Baby black and blue
Burn it baby burn it baby
Burn with the truth
Ask you what the fuck
What the fuck
What the fuck
What the fuck did they do to you?
(who needs a beat when the beat just goes)
I gotta tell you something
I gotta tell you something
Your palm
The back of my neck
It means more than any porn
I wanna forget
(maybe baby I just wanna forget)
I’ll say something wrong
Say something wrong wrong right
Say it so wrong
Say it wrong
Say it right
Just stay here and be with me
For real
Stay in your body tonight
I’ll be your mama, your sister
I’ll be your fuckin dad
I’ll be the best little baby
That you ever had had
Cuz I got more tongues
Than just this one
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
(who needs a beat? )
I’ve got to go now
I’ve got to go now



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