Yes, it's the beginning of the semester...and I'm already burned out. Just a quickie because there are so many great fics going on.

Virtue by [ profile] faith1922 is BTVS, Buffy/Faith, R. Wonderful fic that deals with Buffy's dark side. Of course Faith is the only one who can bring her back. Great characterization, writing, and a believable alternative to S7.

And Tissue by [ profile] shati is Buffy/Faith, PG. I may have recced this already, but it's brilliant and worthy of more praise. Stunning writing and a great story in a 1600ish words.

from the Dawn round over at [ profile] femslash_minis:
Goodnight, Demon Slayer, Goodnight by [ profile] escritoireazul is Faith/Dawn, PG-13. This is really Dawn's fic and it shimmers with her personality. Understated and almost sweet. I can't believe I'm saying that about a fic with the dark slayer, but, yeah. Faith still has her edges, but she gets to have a little sunlight as well.

A New Shade of Green by [ profile] callmesandy is Dawn/Faith, PG-13. Again, Dawn's voice, so this sparkles more than your typical Faith fic. Dawn and Faith are undercover to protect another pathetic chosen one. There are some LOL lines in this one like:
"Thanks for waking me up," Dawn said, rolling her eyes. "Do you want to play Boggle or something?"

"You're sleeping with Faith, not Willow, baby."

Ah yes. I needed some Faith today. Thank you universe (and femslash writers) for bringing it.

There's also Where the River Meets the Dawn by [ profile] alixtii which is Dawn/River, R and it's obviously a Firefly/BTVS crossover. Alixtii manages to make these universes collide with startling and again, sweet results. Serenity lands on the beach in front of all those babyslayers...and the Key. This moves effortlessly back and forth between River's lyrical, streaming thoughts and Dawn's more down-to-earth voice.
But first, a non[ profile] femslash07 rec:

She Likes a Prizefight by Telanu ([ profile] somniesperus) is Devil Wears Prada, Andrea/Miranda, Mature. [ profile] thelastgoodname recced this and I checked it out to discover that it is in fact for the win! Srsly. Absolutely flawless voice and characterization and incredibly hot. It's miraculous the way telanu manages to keep Miranda Priestley in character yet have her fall for good-girl Andy. It's almost sweet. Almost. :) This is an astonishingly well-written fic.

Now, the [ profile] femslash07 recs:
Please understand that I haven't managed to read all of the stories yet (I do have a life and a GF and everything) so if you know of something I missed, please let me know! This is only my first round of recs, so know that there are a lot more coming!

but according to fashion by [ profile] quasiradiant is Devil Wears Prada, emily/serena, emily/jocelyn, R. Told in vignettes and flashbacks, this is Emily's story of ambition and almost love.

Bloom and Grow by [ profile] musesfool is Firefly, River/Inara, Mature. Actually, this was my assignment and I'm SO glad I had to bail because [ profile] musesfoool does wonderful things with this pairing. River is perfectly...River wanting to learn from Inara. With River, there are no sharp edges or angry words, the way there are between Inara and the captain, and no jealousy or fear of sin to cast shadows on the sanctity of who Inara is, or what she does--just the easy flow of two bodies becoming one flesh, broken bits slowly rubbing smooth.

Tissue by [ profile] shati is Buffy/Faith, PG-13. Buffy and Faith meet up in Cleveland. There's coffee, demons, and that scar....

The Same Old Story by [ profile] minim_calibre is Buffy/Faith, R. Ahhhhh yes, hot, hot, hot cemetery sex by someone who can frickin' write (and who loves parentheses as much as I do).

Girl in the War by [ profile] callmesandy is Bufftverse, Faith/Dawn, R-ish. post-Chosen. Dawn's all grown-up and Watcher-ish and Faith's trying to stay the bad girl...and almost succeeding.

and [ profile] mantaraggio recced this fic to me and she was exactly right: Blood and Thunder, a Cha-Cha Challenge by [ profile] phaballa is Missy/Torrance, R, set in an AU of roller derby (!!) instead of cheerleading. This is like my special happy place from now on. Srsly. Best. Universe. Ever! She's pretty sure there's nothing better than Missy, though. Well, maybe winning nationals. Because that? Would fucking rock. Yep, manta knows me so well...

more recs soon...

eta thanks to [ profile] thelastgoodname for supplying Telanu's LJ ID.
[ profile] cadence_k just posted the master list of Kennedy slash on [ profile] femslash_minis. I haven't had a chance to read all of them yet, because I am not really on the internets. I am, in fact, writing a paper. I am not on the internets! For serious.

But you should go read them and I will enjoy the slashtacticness through you.

Oh! Wait, I did read [ profile] thelastgoodname's Kennedy/Dawn, which rocked like a very rocking thing and blew my mind with the many-layered metagoodness, but I was saving the r3c for a moment when I actually had my brain back. Guess I blew that to hell didn't I? :)

Go. Read. Leave the love. Or make the love. Or both.

also, GIP! because I so want to see this movie instead of writing a paper.

eta - hint, hint. the 'current music' selection is linkable and downloadable. 'cause I have nothing better to do.
So, I have many slashkinks -- gripping story, intelligent snarky wit, excellent characterization, GOGA that doesn't read like a manual on how to assemble a desk, etc., etc. One of my serious kinks that is probably the most difficult to fulfill is fiction that blurs the line between prose and poetry. Because it's so hard to get right. It can feel forced, or the imagery can feel...wrong, or trite, or a million other tics that will make it fall off my radar.

Seven Meditations on Problems of Cognition by [ profile] mosca, River/Kaylee, R manages to hit every note just right. This is a magnificent piece and a true piece of craftmanship. Every word, every phrase is right and true. Writing like this takes not only a lot of skill, but a lot of guts and I'm so grateful for every line of it.

The arch of her body is a conic section, a hyperbola with its mirror in the turn of the engine. Calculate its first derivative, her rate of change.

River's mathematical, lyrical, unstuck consciousness finds a perfect voice here. And I love River's 'confusion' of her self with the machine. Which is mirrored in the anthropomorphic Serenity.

*le happy sigh*


Jan. 2nd, 2006 05:57 pm
So I finally watched Serenity.

Ten Reasons I didn't like it )

Yes, I know I'm asking for it.


Jan. 2nd, 2006 09:07 am
Incredible Firefly fics thanks to all the holiday ficcheer:

Synchronicity by [ profile] queenzulu is light R, River/Inara, Kaylee/Inara, slight Kaylee/Simon written for [ profile] femslash_santa. This is a beautiful fic full of beautiful lines and language. It also hits one of my major kinks, which is physics/math geekery. It's difficult to write lyrically about string theory and fractals, but zulu incorporates them effortlessly into breathless lines about love. This is SO genius!River trying to learn about love and it's just wonderful.

Enough to Ignite, by [ profile] voleuse, Inara/Nandi, R, also for [ profile] femslash_santa. Another beautiful ficlet from Voleuse. This one is Inara's POV. Wonderfully written, I think what struck me most about this fic is the way Voleuse contrasts love and the artifice of Companion training through the lens of Inara's hurt and submission to the Guild. It's really a wonderful piece.

Stories & Myths by [ profile] glimmergirl, Kaylee/Fred, R. What is it about this fandom that inspires such incredible fic? Incredible characters, maybe? glimmergirl does wonderful and beautiful things with an unlikely and impossible pairing...and it's first person POV. She switches effortlessly between the two POVs capturing the different voices perfectly. You too will believe in Fred/Kaylee.

I know, I know there is more wonderful Firefly fic out there in the holiday challenge ficverse. I'm still reading... :)

Also, a HUGE thank you to the organizers of all of these holiday fic challenges! Thanks to you all I have LOTS of shiny new femslash to read! You rock!!!!
Firefly fanfiction. Yes, it's back to the jossverse. briefly. for some amazing fic.

And all the talk about disabilities in fanfic, does River count? She's definitely pyschologically and emotionally disabled.

Rape of Kassandra by ReaverPoet. River/Kaylee, River/OtherF NC-17. Some non-violent, non-consensual issues, but nothing I couldn't stomach and I have very little tolerance for that sort of thing. River's unstuck in time remembering the past and the future as the present keeps happening around her. This is quite a balancing act and reaverpoet does a truly incredible job. Wonderfully written, sweet and heartbreakingly painful stuff.

Powder Burns by Lemon Lashes. NC-17 River/Kaylee. And a little of all the other characters too. Another fic that borders on prose poetry, this one leaning more toward prose. More great writing. Is it the fandom? Or did I just get lucky and stumble into some great fic quickly.



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