Since I am the grinchiest of all Grinches I thought I'd put together a Xmas post and spread some femslash cheer. Tis the season, etc. And what better present (as [ profile] mantaraggio often reminds me) than pr0n!!

So some of my fav dirty fics or fics w/the bestest sex, in no particular order:
Champagne Supernova by [ profile] fembuck is Gemma/Felicity, A Great and Terrible Beauty and it is SUPERhot!

Like the End of the World Still Counts by [ profile] pirateygoodness is Racetrack/Seelix, BSG.

Reason by [ profile] harper_m is Ash/Scribbs, Murder in Suburbia. School uniforms and hot sex!

Six Keys by by politicx is Scully/Reyes, X-Files.

The Conqueror's Touch by Xena's Little Bitch is Xena/Gabrielle.

Untitled from [ profile] fembuck is a ficlet that's a sort of incredibly porny spinoff from her ongoing Twilight fic, Alice/Bella. Vampires, periods and hot, hot sex.

The Show by BL Miller is Xena/Gabrielle. Gabrielle and Xena unwittingly sit through a live sex show at an all-women taverna.

Missionary Position by JustSkipIt is Willow/Tara, BTVS. This isn't soft and fluffy W/T. Tara is an evangelical xtian who seduces girls to Jesus by whatever means necessary. Hilarious and incredibly hot!

What Do You Do by Imagine is Xena/Ofc. The OFC is a whore Xena meets as a 17 year-old warlord. Hotter than hell!

Five Times Jill Barnhart Had Sex With Lindsay Boxer, And One Time She Didn’t by [ profile] trancer21 is Lindsay/Jill, Women's Murder Club and it's unfuckingbelievably hot!

um, wow that's a lot of smut. And there's sooooo much more out there. but only so much time. Just enough to get you in the to speak. Happy holidays!! More smut to come...feel free to help me out. With more fic that is. *G*

ETA one of my fav smutfics EVER, Pit Stop, SPN (I know! wtf?!), Jo/Jess. Soooooo pornaliciously perfect.


Nov. 25th, 2007 10:14 pm
Thanks to my pervy friends [ profile] wizened_cynic and [ profile] bank_farter, I ended up spending the past...way too long...coming up with a list of fic that match their/my kinks. I'm sick and I should be working on my paper and presentation that are due tomorrow, but...who cares.

100% Smut under the cut )

Of course, my biggest kink is well-written femslash. For a list of those LJ!!


Jan. 22nd, 2007 01:29 pm
I know there's a ton of incredible fic happening right now and I intend to read and rec as much as I can, but the gods of f/f got together to bring me a present yesterday so I thought I'd share.

You see, I had this whole post ready to beg for Garbo fic. If you're not watching dirt you're missing out on my fav show (of the moment) and definitely my favorite character. period. She only got about 30 secs of screen time but Garbo pfuckingwnd!!! She is also the slashiest character on tv. Not only can she be slashed with Willa, Lucy or any of the young actresses, but this show is set in real Hollywood so she can be slashed with your favorite RPs such as rehab!Lohan.

Before I could even post all of this [ profile] grdnofevrythng posted not one, but TWO Garbo/Willa fics and they are scorching hot.

Welcome to Wonderland and Green-Eyed Monster, are both NC-17, Garbo/Willa. Well-written and conceived these are fantastically hot PWPs that are, I should warn, not work safe. If you're someone who's turned off by drug use or the darker side of Hollywood these fics and the show are probably not for you. What I love about these fics (beside the GOGA) is the look inside Willa's mind. We don't get a lot of her character development on the show (there's just too much going on), but she's a really interesting character who has definite chemistry with Garbo (then again, I'm thinking Carly Pope is House of Dushku TM[ profile] jennyo and has chemistry with every chick onscreen). Willa's the innocent, the babe in the woods, getting sucked farther and farther into the 'hell' of Hollywood and Dirt. I like that [ profile] grdnofevrythngmakes her a willing participant, a participant who doesn't know how to articulate her desires without someone else's (or something else's), um, assistance. Anyway, I'm probably overthinking this (did I mention I really like this show?), but the hotness of these fics is not to be overlooked!!

Also, props to [ profile] grdnofevrythng for the hot iconage as well!

Also, also, I should mention that this show features not only teh hawt lesbian drug dealer, but rampant gay sex, young actors who will do anything to get in a Fincher movie, and drugs, drugs, drugs. In short, the real Hollywood. It is crack! people!!! Of course, it will all go WRONG next week just to spite me.

eta no, I haven't watched the new BSG ep or the new L Word ep yet. So many shows, so little time...

edited again to remove potential dirt spoilery.


Jan. 7th, 2007 07:25 pm
The pr0n -- it keeps giving.

via [ profile] bsg_femslash

Simple Favorites by [ profile] pocketwitch is Laura/Kara, NC-17, pwp. And [ profile] pocketwitch gives us the just as hot backstory hinted at in Simple Favorites in Kobol. Both of these fics manage to combine truly astonishingly lovely prose and wonderful characterization with some truly scorching hot sex. Someone mentioned in comments to one of these fics that the majority of fics for this pairing tend to center on power dynamics, which is terribly fucking hot, but it's fascinating to read such a completely different take on this relationship. These are moments stolen away from their 'normal' power-driven lives, moments in which they get to be women with emotions and -- [ profile] pocketwitch uses this as a recurring theme -- need. They sacrifice their pleasure and themselves for no one in these moments. Also, drop-dead gorgeously hot lines like this:
“Your mouth,” the President had whispered, eyes glazed, voice ragged, sweat-damp hair plastered across her face, “is my favorite place.”

Yes, please.


Dec. 21st, 2005 07:52 pm
Time for some PWP, [ profile] jennyo style:

All She Really Wants is Syd/Lauren, NC-17 PWP, [ profile] jennyo. What can I say that I haven't already said about Jennyo's writing? So I'll justgo with, OMGSOFUCKINGHAWT!

"Oh, you're just bitter," she said. "Thinking that this lesbian business was all soft-focus porn where we gently rubbed each other to mewling little orgasms before falling asleep."



Sep. 13th, 2005 11:15 am
Abandon by [ profile] jennyo, NCfucking-17, Laura/Kara. Once again, Ms. Oksana brings the writerly hawt with the bonus and sexiness of power dynamics -- Laura is the frakking President after all. And Starbuck may have been abused, but she's no victim.
Yes, it's rare pairings day here at Fight Like a Girl. Today's special, Faith/Tara:

[ profile] queenzulu's Faith Healing. NC-17. Two runaways meet up in the wrong part of town. Great characterization and brilliant use of Anya in this non-Buffyverse (no magic, Hellmouth or vampires) fic.

A Little Better by Jaho. Faith's on parole and back on vamp patrol when she runs into a distraught Tara. Many wine coolers later, NC-17 hotness ensues. Is there any such thing as a non NC-17 rating with Faith?

Curfews for Cowgirls NC-17 by Buffonia. Before she heads off to college at UC Sunnydale, Tara runs into a dark Slayer who's making her way to the Hellmouth.

Unforunately, a lot of the links I have for faith/tara fics are dead. It's so very wrong when femslash goes missing. There isn't enoug of it as it is. As usual, please let me know if you have anything to add.
okay, so it's not all fluffiness today. mainly because I started trawling through [ profile] aqua_blurr's LJ and found these squirreled away:

Fearing Abbie by [ profile] aqua_blurr. Olivia/Abbie, NC-17. PWP!! holy fricking hell this is hot! And [ profile] aqua_blurr never disappoints with the level of the writing. Olivia thought she was in control ...

And the follow-up, Fearing Abbie II - Unrepentant in which Olivia returns the favor. Do I really have to tell you that this is also NC-17

And, really, that's it for the SVU pimping for a while. Really. Really really.
apologies for the long gone. real life got all up in my grill.

so I'll skip right to the good stuff, teh smut.

Nancy Sin by [ profile] glossing is definitely a Buffy/Faith new smut classic. Plus its title is taken from one of my favorite bands, Beat Happening. I think the summary/lyric says it all, "Good girl/bad girl/just do it again."

and again.



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