Dec. 22nd, 2011

I stopped posting for many reasons (among them, illness and a severe case of Impostor syndrome which I know is crazy since we're all sort of impostors online), but I kept reading femslash by the fuckton. I've decided that not rec'ing is sort of selfish. The reason I started rec'ing fic in the first place was as a sort of huge thank you to the writers. Obviously I can't even begin to make a dent in the enormous pile of fic I have to rec, so I'll stick with those that made me return to them again and again. Also disclaimer/warning: I tend to prefer longer fics, so this list is biased that way:

Legend of the Seeker:
All the Days by [profile] tcbg77 is Cara/Kahlan, Mature, AU (with mentions of a very different past Cara/Dahlia). Kahlan and Richard's daughter is kidnapped and Cara agrees to accompany Kahlan to get her back. Epic with complex characterization and plotting. Just a great fic.

Pieces Form a Whole Another epic, Cara/Kahlan AU (Mature), this one by [profile] simplesetgo. Kahlan has lost her Confessor powers and she and Cara must stop Darken Rahl...again.

A Light That Never Went Out is a very sweet Cara/Dahlia fic (AU) by [personal profile] fembuck that has lots of feelings and Cara muddling and cursing and sexing her way through them.

Warehouse 13:
Left Unsaid by [profile] anamatics is Myka/HG, AU, PG. H.G. didn't die and continues her life as Emily Lake (although still H.G. w/her memories intact). Complex and nuanced look at loss and love.

Two awesome fixits: Time After Time by [profile] muppetmanda (NC-17 with genderswap, bodyswap elements) and An American Warehouse Agent In Paris (and London) by trancer, which is Mature. Both use the time travel cliche in very different ways to reunite our heroes.

We Were Lovers (Now We're Not Even Friends) by [personal profile] scurvyknavery is NC-17 and awesome.

The Future An Experiment by [profile] thrace_ is R and lovely and complex (there's that word again).

[personal profile] fewthistle's epic AU. Although this is a link to the last in the series, Roads that Never Found You, there are links to the prequels in the introduction. This is a beautiful, haunting Alternate Universe with plots that read like non-goofy W13 eps (although Pete still supplies much-needed comic relief).

and one Merlin fic:
The Ivy Crown by briar_pipe is an EPIC Gwen/Morgana fic (AU) that is really about Morgana coming into her powers as Uther's heir when Arthur doesn't return. I'd like to have seen more of Gwen in this, but it really is an astonishing fic.

I forgot how long that takes. Whew. More later...



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