Dec. 27th, 2011

Some awesome person bought me a month of dreamwidth! THANK YOU awesome person. You made a horrible day bearable.

Just a couple of recs:

I don't usually rec WIPs, but [profile] whistlesilver's elegant, lovely Witnessed here in Time and Blood: A Lily to the Heat is too good to leave waiting. Fleur/Hermione, HarryPotter, AU, Mature (rec'ed by [profile] angharad_governal) it takes its time with these two as they wait in the eye of the storm before the next round of the war. There's some definite hurt/comfort here as well.

[personal profile] trancer21's Ladyhawke is a Legend of the Seeker, Cara/Kahlan AU set in the Ladyhawke universe while maintaining a lot of world-building from LOTS. Great story and characterization as usual!

Also, kleptosrbetterlovers over on Tumblr has done some great rec posts (including lots of Warehouse 13 fic I haven't read yet) so check hir out. I would link directly to them, but Tumblr is...impossible.
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Rizzoli and Isles fic:
Pretty much anything by [profile] snuffnyc is worth your time and she tends to write very long fics, which is a bonus. Her LJ is friends only though, so you'll have to ask nicely to access her wonderful fics. A Whole Person is Maura/Jane, Mature with some serious hurt/comfort thrown in (can you tell I feel awful and am relying on f/f to get me through?:). I really love snuff's characterization and pacing and the fact that she's a cop IRL gives her fic an added depth and 'realness' that the show can't really capture. I wish snuff wrote this show. Then we'd get the gritty policework AND the romance instead of lameass plots and the man-of-the-week.

ETA [profile] laurel_hardy makes all our lives easier with snuff's account. Thanks!!

When Maura Isles Made it Rain is Mature with the added bonus of 'undercover as a stripper' and it's by one of my favorite authors, [profile] harper_m. Difficult and complex, Maura and Jane stumble and trip and eventually fall into romance. Nothing is simple with these two and harper really makes the most of these complex, very adult women. It's such a fucking relief sometimes to read about real women with real jobs and real consequences for what is essentially a life-altering decision.

Criminal Minds, AU, Crackverse, WTF
And finally, some levity, [personal profile] wizened_cynic is one of my favorite writers, but she tends to write fic that is unbelievably difficult to categorize, including her crackverse Alex(SVU)/LorelaiGilmore Stars Hollow/witness protection with its multiple pocket universes that include fpreg. Always Take the Crazy with You
is like that only it's RPF Criminal Minds AU, AJ/Paget Brewster set in some crazy workplace and...I don't know. It's awesome and insane and go read it! Crap. I think her LJ is friends only too. Go make friends!



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