This post will probably be of the long, rambling variety. Some recs, some kvetching, possibly a rant.

First of all, dirt, you're not my favorite anymore. In fact, you'll be lucky if I even let it sit with me at lunch.L Word, yes, the Angela Robinson ep was a HUGE improvement, but that doesn't make you good television. BSG...don't even bother calling me until the chicks get to do something or Starbuck gets dead. Ugly Betty you're pretty, smart, and you make me laugh, but I'm sorry, I;ve been hurt too often. I just can't commit to you right now. The only show I watch with any regularity now is...Meerkat Manor And it's not really slashable.

Xena recs
From the newbie who's 7 years too late...
Endgame (uber, modern) and The Gift (uber) by Meghan O'Brien. Both are NC-17 and both are very well written, sexyhot and hopelessly romantic. I meant to rec these fics for Valentine's Day, but didn't have the time. The Gift is the story of a Commander who falls for the king's body slave. Endgame is the story of a womanizer who finally meets her match...and not in the way you'd expect. In a very real way. Also props to [ profile] ein_myria for reccing these to me. Meghan O'Brien has several other stories that are also very well worth the read. Especially Truth or Dare if you're looking for a pwp.

The Tavernkeeper's Sister and Well of Sighs both by Ella Quince. Both are NC-17, both classic and both stories use amnesia as a plot device to very different ends. I'm convinced Ella Quince (yeah, I finally get it -- Eloquence) is the pen name of a professional writer. Her prose is just that good. It's efficient and elegant with moments of absolutely breathtaking writing. But beyond that, the stories are wonderful and her classic Xena and Gabrielle are flawless.

and if you're looking for pr0n, look no further than another [ profile] ein_myria rec, Nights of Silk and Sapphire by Amber, NC-17. This is an uber tale and although it has a very well-imagined plot and uber characterization, this is really shamelessly the longest PWP ever written....except for that part where it has plot. Seriously. The author admits that this was an exercise in writing sex scenes for her because she wasn't comfortable with them. And there's LOTS of sex. Xena's character has a harem and she has sex with all of them. And they have sex with each other. And innocent Gabrielle has sex with herself and with the harem and finally with Xena. Did I mention pr0n. My only issue with this fic is that the author doesn't manage to make Xena/Gabrielle very special in the midst of all this sex. Still...did I mention the sex?

Birds of Prey
speaking of sex, We Used to Be Friends by [ profile] jennyo is a scorchinghot NC-17, comicverse, Barbara/Katarina (implied Babs/Dick, Babs/Dinah). Surprisingly, not a VMars crossover. Love what [ profile] jennyo does with canon here to create a femslashtic past for Barbara and Katarina that goes a long way toward explaining Babs/Dinah in the present. As usual, jennyo turns a PWP into something much deeper. Also check out her Stripped, another scorchicious Babs/Katarina

An Empirical Question by Harper is TVverse, PG-13. I couldn't imagine harper writing anything below an NC-17, but this was wonderfully done. I love Harper's Helena and Barbara awkwardly fumbling their way toward romance. There are moments of incredible humor and poignant vulnerability.

If you're just down for the hot GOGA, check out [ profile] glossing's flawlessly executed vignettes for the Porn Battle, Wrapped up Like Candy, DC Comics, Mia/Grace and Competence and Donuts, Babs/Dinah comicverse. both at the same link, both NC-17

L&O:CI recs
Untitled, [ profile] omiceti, NC-17, Barek/Eames. I really don't know how to talk about this fic and do it justice right now. Omiceti is a master at writing those fragile, painful moments full of vulnerability that we never see onscreen. This fic is painful and haunting and absolutely exquisite.
I was feeling pretty blue about the holidays when [ profile] mantaraggio reminded me about the true meaning of XXXmas: pr0n. As a big gift to my lovely flist and friends of all types, I meant to put together a giganta-rec of some pr0n favs. Alas, family obligations and the cold from hell sucked the life out of me. Then [ profile] ralst asked for Sexy, short stories with a little extra something, like plot, maybe from BoP, Fastlane, Xena, Murder in Suburbia, Karen Sisco or Jane Bond.

I know for a fact that most of the fics I've read, [ profile] ralst has read, but I thought I'd give it a shot. Plus, I'm sure most of my list isn't as, er, well-rounded, and well-read as the two of us. So, pr0n!!

Here Comes the Bride by Mavis Applewater is uber, NC-17. uberGabrielle is a cocktail waitress at a strip-club for women, when uberXena arrives with a bachelorette party. hotness ensues.

The Marriage of Heaven and Helicon, by Fialka is NC17, classic. It's not only hot, but extraordinarily beautiful. This should be a Xena classic.

The Party by Bat Morda is Mel/Janice, NC-17. Masquerade party, hotness, and Janice dressed as an Amazon warrior.

Another Lonely Day by Harper is NC-17 uber. Kia is drunk and depressed and fired when she runs into an old flame who broke her heart years before. It's Harper. What more could you want?

The Broken Thread by Ella Quince is NC-17, classic. This story is probably stronger on the story side than the pr0n, but still hot, romantic and beautifully done.

Intimate Strangers by Flop is classic, NC-17 and even this page doesn't know who the author of this incredibly hot fic is. If you know, please let me in on the secret. Such hotness should not go unrewarded.

Demons in the Dark by Pink Rabbit is classic, NC-17, hurt-comfort.

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained by Tonya Muir is an AU classic (based on the ep Remember Nothing), NC17. Xena stays in the AU with the former slave Gabrielle who is forced to become a warrior to protect Xena. Poignant and angsty, with the right touch of romance. This is a really beautiful story.

Birds of Prey
Dancing in the Dark by Harper is Barbara/Helena, NC-17. Helena returns home from a night out...

and I'm totally out of time. Sorry, I'll get to more Birds of Prey recs later. Enjoy!!!

eta - [ profile] phryneateleusis tells me that "Intimate Strangers" was written by Flop. I can always count on my flist!
I wanted to write a rec for this incredible BoP (TVverse) I just read, but there's so much other fantastic femslash going on ([ profile] yuletide and Secret Slasha -- see [ profile] femslash_today for masterlists) that it felt like it wasn't enough. In fact, that's a problem I have all the time -- it never feels like I'm reccing enough.

The reason I started this LJ was as a way to thank all of the wonderful writers who spent so much time and energy writing beautiful fic for me (and everyone else) to read. So I can't say thank you enough times. I know how difficult it is to write even the shortest drabble -- staying in voice, on character, not to mention the grammatical and cliche landmines to be avoided. Then there's the whole problem of canon. Srsly, this is some dangerous territory you writers navigate for us every time you write. So, yeah, thank you all for writing EVERYTHING you write. Even the het and boyslash. *g*

back to the rec:
via [ profile] bop_femslash
Bad Grammar by [ profile] phryneateleusis aka Phryne is novel-length BoP (TVverse) Barbara/Helena, NC-17 on [ profile] ralst's P&P. This is not a fic for those who want a fluff or a quick read. This is a long, beautifully written, deeply engaging and moving character study that alternates between Helena and Barbara's POV over years. Despite the tight first person POV, this fic manages to be action-packed, giving us a behind-the-scenes look at some big events from canon and some straight from the writer's brilliant imagination. Seriously, there are very few writers in and out of fandom that can keep me on the edge of my seat (I've read pretty much every conceivable twist, people), but phryne managed it again and again. And underneath it all is a gripping and thoroughly believable love story. A while ago [ profile] theholyinnocent asked for fics that replaced canon in the mind of the readers and this has to be one of those for me. These two women are absolutely real and the obstacles that stand in the way of their relationship aren't contrived, but feel like the organic expression of their own twisted and battered psyches. Phryne's Helena is a true predator, barely tamed by her unspoken love for Barbara who is damaged so far beyond the physical yet still manages to be a superhero. This is truly an incredible piece of writing that manages to keep its impeccable characterization and voice, not to mention my attention, over hundreds of pages. Brilliant!
I've been working on the BTVS mega post, but I got completely sucked into a new fic last week that I thought I should share with the class. It's hidden away on Pink Rabbit. Found thanks to BG.

Feral by Pink Rabbit. Barbara/Helena, 15 (my rating, not the author's). WIP - you have been warned. The last section (VIII) is actually there and readable, but there are chunks missing and author's notes throughout. It's actually sort of interesting to see how this writer works and the important part (teh sex!) is there so don't worry (I know I panicked part way through :) This is a LONG piece (novel-length, think Campus long) and the writer really takes her time with the characters and the story. As with any piece this size there are some problems with pacing and a few stumbles, but this really a magnificent work. One of my favorite characterizations ever of both women. Helena is fierce and fucked up and Barbara is damaged (emotionally as much as she is physically) and angry as she tries (and sometimes fails) to do the right thing by her 'ward'. It begins with Barbara as Batgirl dealing with an unruly student named Helena (and her mother) and takes us through years of their dysfunctional partnership. This fic is particularly strong in the honest and realistic way that it deals with their relationship (and Barbara's disability!) because (hello!), Helena is technically Barbara's adopted daughter even if she is in love with the wheelchair-bound hottie. Again with the mad props to Pink Rabbit!

eta [ profile] ralst informs me that it's been a year since Feral was updated, so this may be all she to speak. I still think it's well worth the read and it's not exactly unfinished.


Sep. 12th, 2005 03:40 pm
Yes, I have a sort of tunnel vision when it comes to the femslash. I get wrapped up in a fandom and get lost.

All I have to say is this:
If you like incredibly smart, funny dialog and writing and well-drawn characters, go to Passion & Perfection's Birds of Prey area and read all of Janine's (aka [ profile] fembuck fic). P&P just updated (!!) so there's new-to-me Janinefic. Sweet, romantic, sexy, and, did I mention funny? And yes, I meant all of the fic. Who can choose?

And this concludes Birds of Prey spam for a while. Honestly.

eta - Can you tell that this isn't one of my fandoms? Probably not. It was one of those shows I desperately hoped would fill the Buffy-shaped hole in my heart, but...meh. The fic otoh...inspired.
I got so wrapped up in rediscovering [ profile] fembuck's fic that I left a huge hole in my Birds of Prey post:

The Way We Were by BG, Barbara/Helena, Very Mature is a long, thoughtful romance with actual plot (!!). I think what's most startling about BG's work is its emotional depth -- s/he really takes time with these characters. There are several other BOP fics by BG on Passion & Perfection. They're all worth reading, all variations on the same theme with different plots that really are secondary to the character development.

Does BG have an LJ? 'cause I'd like to see her take on other fandoms.
Another guilty pleasure...

I'm a fan of all of Janine's (aka [ profile] fembuck)'s BOP fic, but these are my favorites:
Batter My Heart (over at Pink Rabbit Consortium's Subtext Zone), which takes us from Barbara's 'accident' and fostering of Helena to years later and romance. Barbara/Helena, R
and Poetry Feelings, which is incredibly sweet and funny and also R
but all of Janine's BOP is worth a long read. in fact, all of her fic is (D.E.B.S, Once and Again and I've already pimped her Popular fic). [ profile] fembuck's fic always have fantastic characterization and she truly has a gift for dialogue and sweetness even with the bad girls. Which is a difficult thing to do.

Belonging by Pink Rabbit, Barbara/Helena, NC-17 is incredibly hot, romantic and simultaneously realistic about Barbara's disability.

and Little Bird in the Desert Kingdom by Rysler, aka [ profile] joran . Black Canary/Lady Shiva, Oracle/Huntress Very Mature rating for teh hot GOGA(Girl On Girl Action). Set in the comicverse. Black Canary is sent on a solitary mission to protect a young king from an assassin who just happens to be...

Remember, feedback=love. Feel it, leave it.



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