An Adoring Heart is Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Lena/Tibby, Mature. Kind of a lovely, drowsy, dreamy fic.

Her Rightful Place is Devil Wears Prada, Emily w/hints of Andy/Miranda, R. Via [ profile] thelastgoodname who I'm pretty sure is the official keeper of The Devil Wears Prada fandom. Love this. Emily's POV as she stumbles her way into awareness about...lots of things. Including her cat in a LOL moment. Perfect voice and characterization.


Aug. 18th, 2008 08:33 pm
More femslash reccers that are not me:
[ profile] twtd recs femslash. Actually, they're more like reviews because twtd is actually somewhat critical (and I mean that in the positive sense) unlike me. Plus, s/he recs drabbles! And I don't. Ever.

I realize that I've neglected one of the hottest fandoms for femslash -- The Devil Wears Prada -- but [ profile] thelastgoodname, thankfully, has the goods. Apparently, The Devil Wears Prada is to femslash as Harry Potter is to boyslash -- the mothership -- and thelastgoodname hooks you up with the sex0r that is this fandom. Thelastgoodname also recs fic from around the femslash universe, so check her out! She even recs the hotterthanthegatesofhell Harriet fics I recently read that inspired this post.


Sep. 17th, 2007 11:48 pm
Yes, I've been falling down on the job, but so many others are doing so much:

over at [ profile] passion_perfect, [ profile] ralst just posted a bunch of South of Nowhere and SGA recs.

[ profile] thelastgoodname shares her extensive list of The Devil Wears Prada recs. Or should I call it her 'Best of Telanu's fic' recs?

And [ profile] femficrecs is back in action with even more SGA recs.

[ profile] projectjulie responds to [ profile] runetraverse's question, "Is it a law that you have to be a lesbian to write Femslash" with thoughtful comments and an impressive list of links to related threads from fandom past and present.

And as always there are the the gorgeous women of [ profile] femslash_today who bring me all the goodies every. single. day. And probably making this post redundant. *g*
But first, a non[ profile] femslash07 rec:

She Likes a Prizefight by Telanu ([ profile] somniesperus) is Devil Wears Prada, Andrea/Miranda, Mature. [ profile] thelastgoodname recced this and I checked it out to discover that it is in fact for the win! Srsly. Absolutely flawless voice and characterization and incredibly hot. It's miraculous the way telanu manages to keep Miranda Priestley in character yet have her fall for good-girl Andy. It's almost sweet. Almost. :) This is an astonishingly well-written fic.

Now, the [ profile] femslash07 recs:
Please understand that I haven't managed to read all of the stories yet (I do have a life and a GF and everything) so if you know of something I missed, please let me know! This is only my first round of recs, so know that there are a lot more coming!

but according to fashion by [ profile] quasiradiant is Devil Wears Prada, emily/serena, emily/jocelyn, R. Told in vignettes and flashbacks, this is Emily's story of ambition and almost love.

Bloom and Grow by [ profile] musesfool is Firefly, River/Inara, Mature. Actually, this was my assignment and I'm SO glad I had to bail because [ profile] musesfoool does wonderful things with this pairing. River is perfectly...River wanting to learn from Inara. With River, there are no sharp edges or angry words, the way there are between Inara and the captain, and no jealousy or fear of sin to cast shadows on the sanctity of who Inara is, or what she does--just the easy flow of two bodies becoming one flesh, broken bits slowly rubbing smooth.

Tissue by [ profile] shati is Buffy/Faith, PG-13. Buffy and Faith meet up in Cleveland. There's coffee, demons, and that scar....

The Same Old Story by [ profile] minim_calibre is Buffy/Faith, R. Ahhhhh yes, hot, hot, hot cemetery sex by someone who can frickin' write (and who loves parentheses as much as I do).

Girl in the War by [ profile] callmesandy is Bufftverse, Faith/Dawn, R-ish. post-Chosen. Dawn's all grown-up and Watcher-ish and Faith's trying to stay the bad girl...and almost succeeding.

and [ profile] mantaraggio recced this fic to me and she was exactly right: Blood and Thunder, a Cha-Cha Challenge by [ profile] phaballa is Missy/Torrance, R, set in an AU of roller derby (!!) instead of cheerleading. This is like my special happy place from now on. Srsly. Best. Universe. Ever! She's pretty sure there's nothing better than Missy, though. Well, maybe winning nationals. Because that? Would fucking rock. Yep, manta knows me so well...

more recs soon...

eta thanks to [ profile] thelastgoodname for supplying Telanu's LJ ID.



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