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I know. WTF am I doing, writing recs? Life gets in the way. And my delicious account is where most of the action is of late (over 2000 femslash fics - OMGWTFBBQ!). I tend to bookmark them, tag them (torec or not torec) and move on. I'm such a playa! Anyhoo, the recs:

First someone has been naughty enough to start a comm that should be of interest to most of my flist: [ profile] all_tongue is for fanfic featuring that all too rare, almost mythical creature, "women going down on women". Srsly. There's so much hot GOGA, but rarely any oral sex. Is it really that rare in the real world? Also, if I have to tell you this is an adult comm, you need to get out more.

Speaking of the sex that dare not speak its name, [ profile] jengrrrl's Skins fic, Nighttime Puts On Diff'rent Clothes, is Emily/Naomi, NC-17 and could be included in the aforementioned comm. As usual, the writing is flat out beautiful and jengrrrl gives this pairing some badly needed depth. I love this pairing, but the show gives us very little insight because there simply isn't time with som many characters. You can watch the scene this was based on, here. I highly recommend watching the entire Naomi-centric ep. Truly amazing stuff all round. Makes South of Nowhere just look...sad.

I've also been reading [ profile] fembuck's fic for The Hollows over and over. They're that rare combination of supersexy and unbelievably poignant/sweet. She's written several fics (she's a veritable Hollows fic writing machine!) and they're all on my torec list, so I'd recommend heading over to her the hollows tag and diving in. It's all good.

Cindy Thomas and the Best Christmas Ever by [ profile] random_flores is Jill/Cindy, Mature. This is a classic. Truly astonishing characterization, story, and a lovely, long, slow build to the sexy inevitable. Jill and Cindy can never do anything the easy way...eta Also, I should mention that this fic definitely belongs in the [ profile] all_tongue comm. In the very best way.
Since I am the grinchiest of all Grinches I thought I'd put together a Xmas post and spread some femslash cheer. Tis the season, etc. And what better present (as [ profile] mantaraggio often reminds me) than pr0n!!

So some of my fav dirty fics or fics w/the bestest sex, in no particular order:
Champagne Supernova by [ profile] fembuck is Gemma/Felicity, A Great and Terrible Beauty and it is SUPERhot!

Like the End of the World Still Counts by [ profile] pirateygoodness is Racetrack/Seelix, BSG.

Reason by [ profile] harper_m is Ash/Scribbs, Murder in Suburbia. School uniforms and hot sex!

Six Keys by by politicx is Scully/Reyes, X-Files.

The Conqueror's Touch by Xena's Little Bitch is Xena/Gabrielle.

Untitled from [ profile] fembuck is a ficlet that's a sort of incredibly porny spinoff from her ongoing Twilight fic, Alice/Bella. Vampires, periods and hot, hot sex.

The Show by BL Miller is Xena/Gabrielle. Gabrielle and Xena unwittingly sit through a live sex show at an all-women taverna.

Missionary Position by JustSkipIt is Willow/Tara, BTVS. This isn't soft and fluffy W/T. Tara is an evangelical xtian who seduces girls to Jesus by whatever means necessary. Hilarious and incredibly hot!

What Do You Do by Imagine is Xena/Ofc. The OFC is a whore Xena meets as a 17 year-old warlord. Hotter than hell!

Five Times Jill Barnhart Had Sex With Lindsay Boxer, And One Time She Didn’t by [ profile] trancer21 is Lindsay/Jill, Women's Murder Club and it's unfuckingbelievably hot!

um, wow that's a lot of smut. And there's sooooo much more out there. but only so much time. Just enough to get you in the to speak. Happy holidays!! More smut to come...feel free to help me out. With more fic that is. *G*

ETA one of my fav smutfics EVER, Pit Stop, SPN (I know! wtf?!), Jo/Jess. Soooooo pornaliciously perfect.
Just a couple of Xena recs because I ran across some new (to me) classic fics and had to share:

Storms of War by JLynn is R for violence and it's novel-length. This is an extraordinary story that follows Xena and Gabrielle to a town under siege, a town Xena once sacked as a warlord. There is a romance woven through the story, but JLynn really takes her time building it. In other words, if you're looking for smut, you should probably look elsewhere. Apparently, there's a sequel (I can't wait!), which may or may not grant the GOGA. Still, this is a remarkable story that actually had my jaded, cynical self in tears near the end.

Dragon's Child by Domenica is Mature and it's novella-length. Another remarkable story. This one centers on Xena and Gabrielle's relationship, intertwined with stories within the story told by a bard who seems awfully familiar. This story is told in fragments that come together beautifully at the end. Also, one of the best takes on their relationship I've seen.

Also, Virtual Season 2 of Women's Murder Club (Lindsay/Cindy) returns Oct 31st! If you're not following this fantastic season (which is such an improvement on the show, they're barely comparable), you're really missing out. Fantastic stories, writing, and group dynamics. Finally, a group of women who are really there for each other. Love!

Also, also: check out [ profile] pepa_silvia community for all your Pepa/Silvia needs, Including videos, picspam, and [ profile] random_flores' translations. Hmmmm, think I need a fix right now *hurries over to the comm* *G*
First, via [ profile] passion_perfect:

The Other Bowling Girl by [ profile] theholyinnocent is WMC, Lindsay/Jill, Mature. This link will take you to the conclusion which has links to the rest in the series. holy's Boxer is absolutely perfect. Simultaneously brave and loyal yet hopelessly clueless, cowardly, and, slow. Despite her flaws, it's never a stretch to understand why gorgeous (and exasperated) Jill, thinks she's worth waiting for. As usual, the prose is exceptional and the humor is LOL perfect, flowing from the moment and from the Boxer's total lack of tact.

Also worth checking out from the WMC fandom is Virtual Season 2 that has too many contributors to list here. It's WMC, Lindsay/Cindy (I think), and is a WIP. So far it has everything going for it including perfect characterization and pacing. Plus, it updates ever Friday!
Have I rec'ed this fic before? Well, I should have.

I Don't Need Anymore Friends by [ profile] random_flores is WMC, Jill/Cindy, PG-13 is absolutely wonderful and achingly sweet. It's so very, very delicate you feel like moving could damage it in some way. Also, it deals with Cindy's shooting much better that the show did. MUCH better.

I really need a Cindy icon. Or a Jill one.
Just a quick stop to rec a few recent favs:

Everyday Heroes by [ profile] muppetmanda is WMC, Lindsay/Cindy, NC-17. This is a long, well-planned, beautifully-done story that gets not only the primary relationship right, but really nails the group dynamics that were (or should have been) the heart of the show. Great stuff! This is an instant classic!

Home Again, Home Again, Jigety-Jig by [ profile] thrace_, Blue Crush, Eden/AnneMarie, PG-13. Great fic as the lives of these four women gets more and more complicated. Success doesn't always make things simpler. I love the way Eden, Lena, and Penny have become a family and Anne Marie's return isn't the triumphant celebration she (and we) expect. It's much more complicated than that.

and [ profile] trancer21's Women's Jedi Club is so crackaliciously wonderful, I just can't get enough. Lindsay Boxer as a rogue Jedi-- you had me at Boxer. 'Jedi' just sealed the deal. I'm in love. And I love that Jill is Claire's padawan. So very, very right.

via the brand new [ profile] wendy_and_lacey and [ profile] passion_perfect:
The Gender-Bender Make-Out Session by [ profile] seriousfic is Middleman, Wendy/Lacey, PG-13. Hilarious and odd...just like the show.
It's that wonderful day when the ficathon fics are rolling in like a tidal wave in my flist. I've only had time to read a few so far, but so far so very, very good. Consider this a warm-up for International Day of Femslash. More! I must have more!

The Masterlist is here.

A few quick recs:
[ profile] jennyo's Ugly Betty piece (Amanda/Betty), Gay for Boobs and her Erica Hahn/Callie Torres scorching hot, All New Stuff.

[ profile] mosca's We Go Together Like Sex and Violence, which is Women's Murder Club, Lindsay/Cindy. Also check out mosca's fic, Maybe Sprout Wings, also Lindsay/Jill, written for the Femslash Advent Calendar. Both are extraordinary stories.

[ profile] lilysaid's extraordinary SGA, Teyla/Sora fic, Amends, which has the added benefit of being one of the only periodsex fics (and thereby hitting one of [ profile] wizened_cynic's kinks) I've ever read.

edited to correct [ profile] mosca's pairing. thanks trancer!
[ profile] random_flores just posted this wonderfully written, dreamy, impossibly lovely fic on [ profile] passion_perfect, Connect the Dots which is WMC, Jill/Cindy, PG-13. It's really wonderful to watch a really good writer get better and better. And this is really, really good in a quiet, understated way. There is action, but it happens offscreen. There's also a hurt/comfort element to this, which you know is one of my kinks.
I know, it's crazy. I'm actually writing a rec!

First up, is [ profile] zennie's Sarah Connor Chronicles Series (this links to [ profile] passion_perfect and a list of the links to all 8 parts of the series) which is obviously Sarah/Cameron, Mature. I'm a sucker for fiction around all of these 'cybernetic organisms' that deals with the real issues of what emotion, desire, and self mean to a mind that is programmed. [ profile] zennie does an incredible job on both levels -- the writing and the philosophical as well (even including a supersexygeeky author's note). [fic SPOILERish comments coming up ] Readers be warned though, this fic is true to the tone of the fandom, which is set in an pre-apocalyptic AU. The allusions to Romeo & Juliet early on should clue everyone in to the type of ending that's in store. It's still wonderful, and [ profile] zennie manages to keep it within character and the epilogue is sooooo bittersweet. This is not one of those endings that make you go wtf, why did I bother? It's the right ending.

This does make me ask where all the 6/6 BSG fic is? Come on cyborg femslashers.

So to lighten things up again, here's a fluff, romantic fic from Women's Murder Club fandom: To Hell and Back by [ profile] inspectorboxer, which is Lindsay/Cindy, PG-13. It's hurt/comfort and did I mention the sweetness? The only problem with this fic is that even though it's on [ profile] passion_perfect, there are 4 parts and there's no single link that links to all of them. [ profile] ralst will probably archive this one and solve the problem eventually, 'til then, I'd recommend going to [ profile] inspectorboxer's LJ and tracking them down.
A few very quick recs (translation: paper as good as done, time for some fun):
In the Weeds by [ profile] liz_estrada is Lindsay/Cindy, R and marks the conclusion of her incredible season of Women's Murder Club. Don't bother with the show, Liz Estrada's got the goods. A whole season's worth. This is a spectacular finale that pulls no punches! Someone should put this writer on the payroll at WMC.

Apparently, [ profile] ralst put out a call for Women's Murder Club fic and all of femslashdom responded with stunning results, via [ profile] passion_perfect:
Just a Kiss is fluff by the goddess herself, [ profile] ralst, Jill/Cindy. Short and very, very sweet.

You Shook Me by [ profile] random_flores is Jill/Cindy, Mature and is a follow-up to Working Doubletime on the Seduction Line. 'meaningless sex' gets the best, hottest way imaginable.

Closure by Degrees by [ profile] demeter94 isn't technically part of the challenge, but it is Lindsay/Cindy, Mature, and it is damn fine. When Lindsay learns that Heather is pregnant, Cindy offers to get pregnant...and Lindsay's response is typically Lindsay, as in, typically screwed up. Great stuff!

and now for some non-WMC.

Smudges by [ profile] bank_farter is Fingersmith, Maud/Sue, 18 and is deliciously dark, beautiful, and haunting...yet hot.

[ profile] bank_farter also pointed me toward [ profile] harper_m's Fingersmith fic, Lament, also Mature, which explores the dark side of Maud's sexuality.

and some Xena
The Judging of the Queen by Pysta is Classic Xena, R. This is a beautiful post-Fin fic that's crack for all of us literary geeks (complete with Anne Carson's Sappho fragments). A great story told in beautiful, lyrical prose. Gabrielle returns to the Amazons after years of absence and must undergo three ordeals laid out by Artemis in order to recover her crown and the hearts of her tribe.

For Which the First Was Made is actually an original fic by someone named eToh, but it's found on the Atheneum's servers so I stuck it here. This is a stunning fic that shifts between POVs that slowly reveal a romantic mystery. Set in Singapore, Kris, a documentary filmmaker, is there to film the story of a closeted,very prominent lawyer. She meets a woman in the sauna who turns her world completely upside down. Flawless writing and storytelling. This fic is astonishing. And did I mention the hot?!
So I know I've kind of sucked in the recs dept lately, but I'm feeling a little better today and the brain fog has cleared enough for me to get back to giving the love to the authors who bring me such joy...and hot GOGA.

I've added about 50 to my torec list in the past few months. Actually, that's most definitely an understatement. It's probably in the 100s at this point. But I've got to start somewhere:

via [ profile] passion_perfect:
Working Doubletime in the Seduction Line by [ profile] randomflores is Jill/Cindy, Mature. Poor Cindy. She's always the bottom in the pairing order. This is a wonderful, but I'd expect nothing less form this writer. A nuanced character study of what is (but really shouldn't be) a rare pairing for this fandom. Claire manipulates Cindy into taking in the recently dumped Jill. Dancing in gay clubs and "meaningless sex" ensues. Also worth checking out is randomflores's The Sneak, a wonderful, complex, Lindsay/Cindy crossover with Popular (Brooke/Sam).

The Rules of Engagement by [ profile] trancer21 is Lindsay/Jill, Mature. Another rare pairing and another fic that deals with Jill's displacement. Trancer does an incredible job with these two characters. They've established the rules of their (non)relationship and as they negotiate the boundaries their deep emotions are revealed. Plus hot sex and LOL humorous touches.

Train in Vain by [ profile] liz_estrada is Lindsay/Jill, Mature. You've heard me rave about Ms. Estrada's writing before and this fic doesn't disappoint. Brilliant humor as Jill, Jacobi, and Lindsay review and critique gun/flashlight positioning for a case. Of course, nothing is hotter than Lindsay with a gun (even if it's a sharpie) so hot sex on a desk happens...because of course it would. I love that Trancer's fic and this one seem to work together as Lindsay and Jill again seem to be negotiating the rules of engagement.

Introduction to Night Life by [ profile] texaswatermelon is Lindsay/Cindy, Mature. Although this is really a PWP it's another wonderful character study with incredibly hot sex thrown in.

Four Things Lindsay Doesn't Know and One She Discovers by [ profile] thrace_ is PG-13. This is really a lovesong to Lindsay as seen through the eyes of five of the most important people in her life. Brilliant stuff. Also by thrace and also spectacular: I'm Just No Good at Giving Relief is Lindsay/Cindy, Mature and it is smoking hot.

Yes, I know this is just the tip of the reccable femslash iceburg, but I'm only human. I'm hoping to post a Sarah Connor Chronicles rec list v. v. soon.
Sorry for all the drive-by postings lately (in other words, my lack of replies to comments), I've been very sick. Not sick enough to stop the femslash:

Death and Syntaxes by [ profile] liz_estrada is Women's Murder Club, Lindsay/Cindy, Mature. This is one in a series of loosely interlinked stories that easily stand on their own. I've raved before about Ms. Estrada's writing and this story doesn't disappoint. Fascinating story peppered with wonderful dialogue and inspired details. And did I mention the hot hot sex? Gah!! No one can ever say that I have my priorities mixed up.

yanno, I've meant to rec Murder in Suburbia fic for some time. Thanks to [ profile] ralst's pimping there's lots of it on [ profile] passion_perfect and it's all worth a read. Of course the tone of the show lends itself to fluffier fare and that may be the reason I haven't taken the time to write up well-deserved recs. Until [ profile] harper_m gave me some smutty inspiration.
Reason and Promise are both Murder in Suburbia, Scribbs/Ash, Mature. Both involve delicious use of schoolgirl uniforms, and both are indescribably erotic and just flat out hot as hell. The perfect characterization, humor, and dialogue just add to the hot.

and I just realized that the other fic I wanted to rec is trapped behind a flock. [ profile] fewthistle set your murderous smutfic free!

eta okay it's not flocked. In fact, it's on [ profile] passion_perfect! Similar Features by [ profile] fewthistle is Criminal Minds/Law & Order Xover, Emily Prentiss/Serena Southerlyn. When you can't be with the one you want, a hot blonde in a club will most certainly do. This fic even inspired an answering fic form [ profile] darandkerry, A Revelation of a Different Kind from JJ's POV. Sadly, it doesn't involve Lindsay Boxer visiting Quantico regarding the kiss-me-not killer and loads of sex w/JJ. What?! One-track mind people!
It appears that, as usual, I was wrong. [ profile] ralst pwns Criminal Minds. then again, I'm pretty sure that [ profile] ralst owns most of teh fandoms. [Unknown site tag] does have the highest fic rate. So, thanks to that post and the comments, I have a few more recs:

Predilection by [ profile] harper_m is Criminal Minds, Emily/JJ, OFC/JJ R. Very hot character study of JJ and her type.

Five Times Jill Barnhart Had Sex With Lindsay Boxer, And One Time She Didn’t by [ profile] trancer21 is WMC, Lindsay/Jill, NC-17. Okay, this is a spectacular fic. Not only is it scorching hot (including meeting the criteria for this post of favorite kinks), but it's also a gorgeously rich character study, or relationship study. Or lack-of-relationship study. [ profile] trancer21's mastered the show-don't-tell with truly amazing results. This isn't fluffy and there's no happy ending. In fact, the story runs backward, happy beginnings either. But hot ones. absolutely! And a gorgeously written and heartwrenching study of Jill's motivations and Lindsay's manipulations. Because really? Who could resist the Boxer?

[ profile] tremblingmoon told me to check out [ profile] fewthistle's Throw Your Arms Up to the Sky (Criminal Minds, Emily/JJ, PG-13) and described it as breathtaking, which it is. I'm not a big fan of Xmas fics (because I'm a grinch), but I thoroughly enjoyed this one. Maybe it's the sad note that runs throughout despite the fact that there's a happy ending for the couple. There's still that subtext of making new family because your 'real' family doesn't get you and never will. Which is sad. But also liberating. And [ profile] fewthistle makes it just that. And breathtaking.
Apparently, the femslash community has spoken and chicks with guns (who solve crime) are teh HOT. Or possibly it's just the Angie Harmon Effect. Whatever it is, these two fandoms -- Criminal Minds and Women's Murder Club -- have just exploded. And it's a beautiful, sexyhot kind of explosion. So, a few recs while I procrastinate for a moment (only one paper to go!):

Women's Murder Club:
Charge of the Light Brigade (PG-13) and its sequel, Hang Fire (R), both by [ profile] liz_estrada are Lindsay/Cindy. First of all, it's [ profile] liz_estrada, so you know you're in for a treat. These can be read together or separately and as usual, they're nuanced, carefully constructed stories that give these characters a depth 15 seasons of the show couldn't match. [ profile] liz_estrada has a gift for writing those difficult, awkward moments on the way to a relationship.

Cuffed by [ profile] random_flores is again Lindsay/Cindy, PG-13. Short, funny, and sweet. And still hot. Hard to manage, but flores nails it.

The Good Pinot Noir Digression of 2007 by [ profile] liz_estrada is Lindsay/Jill, R. Can you tell I have a thing for liz? Or her writing? This could be the backstory for Ms. Estrada's other stories. Lindsay and Jill are best friends with benefits. It's hot with a bittersweet hint of sadness...or is that the pinot noir? No, then it would be berries.

Rules of Estrangement by [ profile] theholyinnocent is Lindsay/Jill with hints of Lindsay/Cindy, PG-13. As usual, [ profile] theholyinnocent manages to be devastatingly funny while drawing profound character and relationship portraits with her efficient prose. This one is really a study of Lindsay Boxer as seen through the eyes of two women who love her. It's really a tragedy in a gorgeous package. Kind of like Detective Boxer. or 'The Boxer' (LMAO!!)

Oh yeah! and this video by [ profile] aleatory_6 (I think?) is Lindsay/Jill and it is brilliant!! and LMFAO right frickin' on!!

Criminal Minds
I think [ profile] fewthistle kind of pwns this fandom at the moment. She's written so much Emily/JJ that I haven't caught up. I have managed to read a couple:
All for Believing by [ profile] fewthistle is Emily/JJ, PG-13. [ profile] fewthistle is clearly a hopeless (or should I say hopeful?) romantic. Well, that's assuming a lot, but her fic is breathlessly, hopefully romantic and this is no exception. Another deep look into two characters we only get glimpses of on screen as they make their way inexorably toward each other. Beautiful and breathless.

Answer is also Emily/JJ, PG and just as breathlessly romantic. The tone is slightly different as the two women are drawn together by the tragic events of a recent episode (I won't spoil, but this story will!).

Pieces of Me by [ profile] lysachan is Emily/JJ, PG-13. Similar in tone to [ profile] fewthistle (actually, it's probably the tone of the show that these writers are flawlessly reproducing), this story begins with our agents stuck in a case gone terribly, terribly wrong. In the aftermath they grow closer. And closer.

There's a lot more fic where these came from at [ profile] passion_perfect. Wow, these were all R or less. I'm wondering where the hotsweatysexy fic for these fandoms is. Although I see [ profile] trancer21 has a women's murder club fic in [ profile] passion_perfect so maybe that will fulfill my, um, needs.

I don't have any WMC icons because I still can't really admit to myself that I think Angie Harmon (she's a Republican!) is sexy. damn.

edited to add the video.
CONGRATULATIONS to [ profile] ralst, aka the femslash Goddess, for her 5000th story on P&P. That's a LOT of femslash, people. And if it weren't for [ profile] ralst, most of that fic would fade into LJ archive obscurity instead of living it up in a well-designed fic palace with all of their fic pals. Built and maintained solely by the lovely [ profile] ralst. So, again, with the congrats and heartfelt appreciation.

Also, I haven't managed to read nearly as much of her update as I'd like (hello! grad student with stacks and stacks of unfun reading to do!), but I did pick one to read and it was a winner. Even though I'm not a fan of the show (or the actress's politics), I can appreciate the extraordinary hotness of Angie Harmon:

Impulse by Misty Flores ([ profile] random_flores) is Women's Murder Club, Lindsay/Cindy, PG-13. Lindsay's voice is perfect (jaded and cranky but still somehow trying for more), but it's the interaction between the four women around a case that really makes it for me. If the show actually allowed them to interact in this way (without men as the central focus all. the. time!), I might actually go back to watching it.

Okay, so I read another fic, Everyone should check out [ profile] ralst's The Bond Manual: For Super Sexy Spies (imagine Rachel Weisz as Jane frickin' Bond!!!) for some supersexy Bondgirl fun. Jane Bond Rules! More Jane Bond!! More!



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