Since I am the grinchiest of all Grinches I thought I'd put together a Xmas post and spread some femslash cheer. Tis the season, etc. And what better present (as [ profile] mantaraggio often reminds me) than pr0n!!

So some of my fav dirty fics or fics w/the bestest sex, in no particular order:
Champagne Supernova by [ profile] fembuck is Gemma/Felicity, A Great and Terrible Beauty and it is SUPERhot!

Like the End of the World Still Counts by [ profile] pirateygoodness is Racetrack/Seelix, BSG.

Reason by [ profile] harper_m is Ash/Scribbs, Murder in Suburbia. School uniforms and hot sex!

Six Keys by by politicx is Scully/Reyes, X-Files.

The Conqueror's Touch by Xena's Little Bitch is Xena/Gabrielle.

Untitled from [ profile] fembuck is a ficlet that's a sort of incredibly porny spinoff from her ongoing Twilight fic, Alice/Bella. Vampires, periods and hot, hot sex.

The Show by BL Miller is Xena/Gabrielle. Gabrielle and Xena unwittingly sit through a live sex show at an all-women taverna.

Missionary Position by JustSkipIt is Willow/Tara, BTVS. This isn't soft and fluffy W/T. Tara is an evangelical xtian who seduces girls to Jesus by whatever means necessary. Hilarious and incredibly hot!

What Do You Do by Imagine is Xena/Ofc. The OFC is a whore Xena meets as a 17 year-old warlord. Hotter than hell!

Five Times Jill Barnhart Had Sex With Lindsay Boxer, And One Time She Didn’t by [ profile] trancer21 is Lindsay/Jill, Women's Murder Club and it's unfuckingbelievably hot!

um, wow that's a lot of smut. And there's sooooo much more out there. but only so much time. Just enough to get you in the to speak. Happy holidays!! More smut to come...feel free to help me out. With more fic that is. *G*

ETA one of my fav smutfics EVER, Pit Stop, SPN (I know! wtf?!), Jo/Jess. Soooooo pornaliciously perfect.
First, via [ profile] passion_perfect:

The Other Bowling Girl by [ profile] theholyinnocent is WMC, Lindsay/Jill, Mature. This link will take you to the conclusion which has links to the rest in the series. holy's Boxer is absolutely perfect. Simultaneously brave and loyal yet hopelessly clueless, cowardly, and, slow. Despite her flaws, it's never a stretch to understand why gorgeous (and exasperated) Jill, thinks she's worth waiting for. As usual, the prose is exceptional and the humor is LOL perfect, flowing from the moment and from the Boxer's total lack of tact.

Also worth checking out from the WMC fandom is Virtual Season 2 that has too many contributors to list here. It's WMC, Lindsay/Cindy (I think), and is a WIP. So far it has everything going for it including perfect characterization and pacing. Plus, it updates ever Friday!
For those of you who wish I'd shut up already about politics and get back to the GOGA, [ profile] random_flores just finished her Women's Murder Club/Popular crossover, Sneak, featuring the pairings Lindsay/Cindy, Sam/Brooke, and a surprise pairing for Jill. Mature. This is a 16 part fic with lots of story (Kiss-Me-Not killer) as well as the romance and hotsex most of us are looking for. flores does wonderful things with these characters, the dialogue and a compelling take on the Kiss-Me-Not. Fantastic stuff.



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