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Birthdate:Sep 18
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All femslash, all the time. Don't like femslash? Move along.

ADULT CONTENT WARNING! This LJ features links to stories that contain very mature sexual content, violence, and language. This LJ itself will often feature foul language that every teenager will be familiar with, but I must warn them about anyway.

Again, this LJ may contain at any moment content or links to content that include:
Sexual content that will usually involve one or more lesbians.
Foul language.
Foul language.

Consider yourself warned!

Bio: Viper pilot, painter, professional pyramid player, badass mary sue.

Why?: Because I love femslash and there aren't that many resources out there. I'm not a scholar or critic. I rec what I like and love and that's that. If you like some of my recs, maybe you'll like others. That simple. This is completely subjective and I will never rec something just because I think I should. There is very good fic out there that I don't rec because it's just not my thing.

Credits Gay!Marlene icon thanks to the lovely [profile] sravenk

'Friends' - If I've friended you, don't be afraid. It's probably because I like your fic, your recs, or what you have to say about fandom, especially the girlslash. You don't have to friend me in return (I won't be offended -- really) unless you secretly post flocked femslash and you actually want me to read it. Or, you know, if you want occasional femslash recs from every conceivable fandom and pairing.

Flames and trolls: don't bother. I can delete your moronic comments, but you can't delete mine. Wait. I mean, your comments are moronic, but mine....oh nevermind.

OTP - I don't have one in any fandom. I have one in RealLife. Does that count?

"Why haven't you rec'd my fic?" - probably because I haven't read it (I'm only one tiny woman in a lake of fic). Or possibly, I read it and wasn't overwhelmed, which no one should take personally. I have no taste. Really. And I dress funny. Also, I cut my own hair and it sticks out all over the place. So why do you care what I think? More probably though, I just haven't gotten around to your fic yet or it's not in a fandom I frequent or the dog ate it or [insert lameass excuse of your choice here].

Ratings - I go with the author's rating (when there is one), even if I don't necessarily agree with it. Femslash really needs its own ratings system. There's a tendency to lump anything that's even remotely sexual into NC-17/Very Mature simply because our ultra-conservative censorship/ratings system tends to label anything homo as NC-17/Very Mature. If I ruled the universe, NC-17 would only apply to explicit/graphic descriptions of the actual sex. You know, those stories that obviously make the writer reach for a sex thesaurus every two sentences. Sadly, I don't rule the universe.

Icons - yes, I know I need to get/make more icons. Did I mention the lazy? Not yet, huh?

Drabbles - sorry, not my thing, so I don't tend to rec them. If there's an opposite to ADD when it comes to fanfic, I have it.

Songfic - sorry. again, not my thing.

Actresses/Celebrities -- I could care less. I'm not interested in the people behind the characters. The less I know about them, the better (see Sara Michelle Gellar, poster girl for the GOP, and Mariska "I'm so not a lesbian" Hargatay). Yes, there are some actresses I follow from fandom to fandom (Eliza Dushku and Michelle Rodriguez), but I really don't want to know who they're screwing (unless it's each other) or what they had for lunch.

RPF - I have no problem with RPF because (and I can't stress this enough) CELEBRITIES ARE NOT REAL PEOPLE! The celebrity you're familiar with is just another character created by an actor and a PR firm or an entire team of managers, agents, and publicists. Except, of course, when the celebrity begins to believe their own hype - see batshit!Tom Cruise.

Yes, I'm an American. No, I didn't vote for him.

I plan to make a list of favorite femslashy links some day. When I get over the lazy. And they will be right here. Later. Really.
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