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Rizzoli and Isles fic:
Pretty much anything by [profile] snuffnyc is worth your time and she tends to write very long fics, which is a bonus. Her LJ is friends only though, so you'll have to ask nicely to access her wonderful fics. A Whole Person is Maura/Jane, Mature with some serious hurt/comfort thrown in (can you tell I feel awful and am relying on f/f to get me through?:). I really love snuff's characterization and pacing and the fact that she's a cop IRL gives her fic an added depth and 'realness' that the show can't really capture. I wish snuff wrote this show. Then we'd get the gritty policework AND the romance instead of lameass plots and the man-of-the-week.

ETA [profile] laurel_hardy makes all our lives easier with snuff's fanfiction.net account. Thanks!!

When Maura Isles Made it Rain is Mature with the added bonus of 'undercover as a stripper' and it's by one of my favorite authors, [profile] harper_m. Difficult and complex, Maura and Jane stumble and trip and eventually fall into romance. Nothing is simple with these two and harper really makes the most of these complex, very adult women. It's such a fucking relief sometimes to read about real women with real jobs and real consequences for what is essentially a life-altering decision.

Criminal Minds, AU, Crackverse, WTF
And finally, some levity, [personal profile] wizened_cynic is one of my favorite writers, but she tends to write fic that is unbelievably difficult to categorize, including her crackverse Alex(SVU)/LorelaiGilmore Stars Hollow/witness protection with its multiple pocket universes that include fpreg. Always Take the Crazy with You
is like that only it's RPF Criminal Minds AU, AJ/Paget Brewster set in some crazy workplace and...I don't know. It's awesome and insane and go read it! Crap. I think her LJ is friends only too. Go make friends!
Some awesome person bought me a month of dreamwidth! THANK YOU awesome person. You made a horrible day bearable.

Just a couple of recs:

I don't usually rec WIPs, but [profile] whistlesilver's elegant, lovely Witnessed here in Time and Blood: A Lily to the Heat is too good to leave waiting. Fleur/Hermione, HarryPotter, AU, Mature (rec'ed by [profile] angharad_governal) it takes its time with these two as they wait in the eye of the storm before the next round of the war. There's some definite hurt/comfort here as well.

[personal profile] trancer21's Ladyhawke is a Legend of the Seeker, Cara/Kahlan AU set in the Ladyhawke universe while maintaining a lot of world-building from LOTS. Great story and characterization as usual!

Also, kleptosrbetterlovers over on Tumblr has done some great rec posts (including lots of Warehouse 13 fic I haven't read yet) so check hir out. I would link directly to them, but Tumblr is...impossible.
I stopped posting for many reasons (among them, illness and a severe case of Impostor syndrome which I know is crazy since we're all sort of impostors online), but I kept reading femslash by the fuckton. I've decided that not rec'ing is sort of selfish. The reason I started rec'ing fic in the first place was as a sort of huge thank you to the writers. Obviously I can't even begin to make a dent in the enormous pile of fic I have to rec, so I'll stick with those that made me return to them again and again. Also disclaimer/warning: I tend to prefer longer fics, so this list is biased that way:

Legend of the Seeker:
All the Days by [profile] tcbg77 is Cara/Kahlan, Mature, AU (with mentions of a very different past Cara/Dahlia). Kahlan and Richard's daughter is kidnapped and Cara agrees to accompany Kahlan to get her back. Epic with complex characterization and plotting. Just a great fic.

Pieces Form a Whole Another epic, Cara/Kahlan AU (Mature), this one by [profile] simplesetgo. Kahlan has lost her Confessor powers and she and Cara must stop Darken Rahl...again.

A Light That Never Went Out is a very sweet Cara/Dahlia fic (AU) by [personal profile] fembuck that has lots of feelings and Cara muddling and cursing and sexing her way through them.

Warehouse 13:
Left Unsaid by [profile] anamatics is Myka/HG, AU, PG. H.G. didn't die and continues her life as Emily Lake (although still H.G. w/her memories intact). Complex and nuanced look at loss and love.

Two awesome fixits: Time After Time by [profile] muppetmanda (NC-17 with genderswap, bodyswap elements) and An American Warehouse Agent In Paris (and London) by trancer, which is Mature. Both use the time travel cliche in very different ways to reunite our heroes.

We Were Lovers (Now We're Not Even Friends) by [personal profile] scurvyknavery is NC-17 and awesome.

The Future An Experiment by [profile] thrace_ is R and lovely and complex (there's that word again).

[personal profile] fewthistle's epic AU. Although this is a link to the last in the series, Roads that Never Found You, there are links to the prequels in the introduction. This is a beautiful, haunting Alternate Universe with plots that read like non-goofy W13 eps (although Pete still supplies much-needed comic relief).

and one Merlin fic:
The Ivy Crown by briar_pipe is an EPIC Gwen/Morgana fic (AU) that is really about Morgana coming into her powers as Uther's heir when Arthur doesn't return. I'd like to have seen more of Gwen in this, but it really is an astonishing fic.

I forgot how long that takes. Whew. More later...
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Several wonderful people have emailed/messaged me lately to make sure everything's alright in leavetheskyland. I know I haven't been posting much/pimping the incredible fic out there not to mention leaving much deserved feedback on the fic I do read so this is my attempt at some sort of explanation.

cut for way TMI )
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Yahoo is shutting down Del.icio.us (Is Yahoo Shutting Down Del.icio.us? [Update: Yes] : http://techcrunch.com/2010/12/16/is-yahoo-shutting-down-del-icio-us/ ) so make sure you back everything up. Wow, this sucks!! I love delicious and have been using it for years. Crap.
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If you're queer and were bullied, make a video and post it to YouTube - itgetsbetterproject's Channel. So very, very cool. I hope everyone does this and the world gets to see not only our pain, but how we rise above it. Because we all do. Every. Damn. Day.
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via [profile] jengrrrl:
[personal profile] musesfool has finally found the basis for a true Theory of Everything: badfic. Because badfic is the same whether it's Alex/Olivia, Wincest, or whatever those hets write about (Harry/Hermione?). Her badfic theory unites all of the fandoms across scales and time. All hail [personal profile] musesfool and her Theory of Everything (badfic). Or as jengrrrl put it: ORBS!!!! and I'd add, CHOCOLATE ORBS!!! please to stop. please for the love of all that is good in this world, stop. badfic hurts everyone. think of the children.


Jun. 10th, 2010 12:15 am
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You know, I wasn't going to post this, but I've been fuming and, well, that means you all have to hear about it. I realize that I have very little power in the world of femslash and I very much like it that way, but consider this advice from a constant reader: I don't need you to tell me the race of the characters in your fic and I certainly don't need you to use their race and/or ethnicity as a stand-in for their names (I know it gets overwhelming with all of the females in femslash and the repetitive, confusing pronouns (her, her, she, she), but this is not the way to get around it). Don't describe your/our characters as 'the black girl' or 'the latina' or 'the muslim' or any other ethnic/racial adjective and/or noun. I don't know when this shit got started, but it seems to be a trend right now and this? is the easiest way to get on my NEVER READ list. It's even above shitty grammar and/or tons of typos. Just. Don't.

If you don't understand why this is a problem, I ask you to check out the links and/or posts on [personal profile] deadbrowalking or online resources for writers. There are several very good authors talking about writing race (Justine Larbalastier had a great series of posts around her book, Liar on her blog, N.K. Jemisin, etc.). I'm too lazy to post the links, but I'm sure you know how to google. Or, if you insist on this, then make sure you describe 'the white girl' and 'the other white girl' and 'the other other white girl' and 'the Christian' and 'the lesbian' in the same way. Starting to understand why this could be really problematic? It doesn't feel so hot to have someone you care about, their entire complicated loveliness reduced to one label. And it's always the minority characters, the Other, who get this treatment, which should tell you everything you need to know about how fucked up this is. I realize that this is probably about ignorance, but ignorance is easily remedied.

I also realize I should probably have been much nicer about this and supportive or something, but all I've got is a big ball of pissed off, so...yeah. I knew there was a reason I very rarely read fic by writers I don't know and trust anymore /rant


Jun. 2nd, 2010 11:11 pm
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File under AWWWWWW!: Jane Lynch married her sweetheart in Massachusetts.. I kinda love that I'm linking to teh Star!
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Mr. & Mrs. Mord'Sith by [personal profile] trancer21 is LotS/Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Cara/Kahlan, Mature with warnings for dubcon (we're talking Mord'Sith after all). This is EPIC. With shoutouts to so many favorites -- Star Wars, D.E.B.S., Burn Notice, etc. -- it's really more of a mashup than a crossover although the Mr. & Mrs. Smith/LotS AU is real here. Srsly. This is just masterfully done. Fantastic plotting with a story and action that keeps you clicking even though it's 3 am. Hopelessly romantic, yet utterly badass and incredibly LOL funny, trancer even throws in some FPREG for the icing on the gigantic cake of femslashtic crack. Cara is everything you want her to be (BAMF w/'feelings') and this really is her fic although Kahlan is every bit her badass mate in every sense of the word. In a world of badassery (there's that word again), magic, Confessors and Mord'Sith (who, thankfully, aren't the good/evil dichotomy I see too often), they complete each other in the best way possible. This goes up there in the Hall of Fame for me.
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A quick shout out to The Sarah Connor Chronicles Virtual Season , which is just exceptionally well-written, plotted, etc. If you love Sarah Connor (and who doesn't?), the terminator who loves her and Judgment Day/saving mankind from Skynet/ourselves, make sure you check it out. It's still a WIP, but so damn compelling I just had to post. I love what they've done with the story and the future. This is what fanfic is for!

Also [profile] jengrrrl writes possibly the best rec I have ever seen for this fic (Saga of Bläken the Bloodthirsty by [profile] fivewhatfive. Have not read it yet, but it's at the top of my list and how can you resist a rec like this:



And [profile] harper_m's A Slight Obfuscation of the Truth, Murder in Suburbia, Ash/Scribbs, Mature is HILARIOUS, HOT, and just all-around awesome. Harper has a way with complicated women. She lets them be complicated, and OCD, and brilliant without losing their sexiness, which is tough. Especially when you think about how much emphasis our culture puts on the idea of 'low maintenance' as necessary to hotness. Obviously, this does not match up with my worldview or, thankfully, harper's.

LOTS, glee

May. 21st, 2010 10:57 pm
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In the Darkness by [personal profile] dreiser is LotS, Cara/Dahlia, NC-17 with warnings for violence and mentions of noncon. This is truly a tremendous, heartbreaking fic. So complex and it holds no punches as it digs into the life of the Mord'Sith. Capturing the hell of a life of unending pain and crippling emotional manipulation. The scars both emotional and physical it leaves on the women who were kidnapped as children is difficult enough without totally alienating the reader, but dreiser manages to do it while leaving pieces of their inner life and ultimately their humanity intact. Pieces they guard fiercely even when they don't really understand their own -- here's that word again -- 'feelings'. This is so good. Don't miss it. It will break your heart in the best way. [personal profile] ein_myria also rec'ed this on her dreamwidth account so you know it's THAT good. *g*

Say Good-Bye to this Heart of Mine by [profile] random_flores is a Glee AU with zombies! Rachel/Santana, Mature and soooooo good. Like [personal profile] dreiser's fic, this is complex and layered with no easy solutions. Rachel and Santana through a series of accidents end up together at the end of the world and fight to survive with only each other to lean on. Everything and everyone they know is apparently gone and it's them 'against the fucking world'. I don't want to spoil it, so read and enjoy!


May. 7th, 2010 01:33 am
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Just a quick rec. I've been grading and I'm too tired to speak, but this fic is just too good. I know most of you have read it already, but Within My Heart is Another Heart by [personal profile] scurvyknavery and [profile] thrace_ (Cara/Kahlan, NC-17) is just stunning. It's also FPREG for those of you who, like me, has a serious kink for this. What's most stunning about this (besides the writing) is the way that the authors leave Cara complicated. She mellows but is never domesticated in the way that too many fics do to our BAMFs (and I'm not just talking about Cara here, but all the others like Xena, Helena, etc.). It's so difficult to do and these writers get it soooo right. Love that their daughter is not all sweetness and light, but a little hellion like her parents. There are even two companion pieces to this on the writers' individual LJs (too tired to even click).
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Thanks to numerous issues with LJ, I'm trying to move to Dreamwidth although I'm having serious problems with my reader page. If you're interested, [personal profile] coffeeandink has a great tutorial, How to Move from LJ to Dreamwidth in Six Easy Steps.

Now on to the reason you're all still reading this journal -- the recs:

It's Just The Age Where Nothing Fits by [personal profile] 08adabry is RPF, Bleighton, AU, Rebel Without A Cause, NC-17. Did you get that? It's an AU in which Blake Lively is James Dean's character, but, like, for real? Whatever. It's brilliant. You had me at cross-dressing, dapperQ Blake. The story does diverge from Rebel, but nothing is lost and everything is gained in this femslash universe. I LOVED this!! Then again, it hits some of my major kinks (hello identity, gender-as-performance, etc.) and it's beautifully written, so there?

Also bleighton and also AU (apparently [personal profile] pirateygoodness is implicated in both these fics is Every Mile is Two in Winter by [profile] thrace_ is R and takes place in the universe of Blaaken the Bloodthirsty with a crossover with Legend of the Seeker (who are not real people but the characters Cara and Kahlen). Got that? Blake is Blaaken, Leighton is her...wench. Cara and Kahlan come seeking an alliance and all hell breaks loose. I know I've made it sound complicated, but it really isn't. It's just great fic!

Into RPF? I have quite a few on my delicious account including a TON of incredibly hot [personal profile] trancer21 RPF glee fics. Srsly. You will need a cold shower. Or three.

There are more, but I'm lazy. Later. After the end of the semester nightmare is over.


Mar. 31st, 2010 04:21 pm
I know it's been said a million times (and many of those by [livejournal.com profile] ralst), but please, please, please consider using a beta before you post. Case in point:

Her purse hit the ground, the box of business cards tumbling out as _____'s body quacked with the power of her loosed emotion.

I added the bold just in case you missed it (I'm not sure how you could) and blocked out the name to protect the innocent. This just completely knocked me out of what might have been a decent story. This is one of those problems that spellcheck just can't help you with because 'quacking' is just as much a word as 'quaking' so it sails through without so much as a little red line underneath. Only another human, looking over your story before you post it, can spot such a thing. I just...I can't. I'm quacking in fear of the betalessness (spellcheck is h8ing that non-word but didn't even whimper at 'quacking'). We all make mistakes, but a beta can help you at least minimize the most glaring. Your readers will and can overlook a lot (I know I do), but you owe them the courtesy of fixing the worst of them and you get the bonus of saving yourself the embarrassment and the lost readers as a result. It's a win-win.

This has been a public service announcement from someone who reads WAY too much fic. Thank you and good night.

eta: And where is [livejournal.com profile] sr_m_grammatica when you need her? She really should swoop in with her wimple and black cloak to handle this shit. I mean... stuff.
For those of you who don't already know, there will be an actual, online FemslashConvention!!! They are in need of graphics designers, writers, and panelists. Come join the fun and femslash insanity!! You know you want to...
I know. I'm not much for reccing lately even though I read some fantastic fic, but I just read this and it's so extraordinary I just had to share:

the gun in the stars by [livejournal.com profile] twistomatic is Dollhouse, Whiskey/November, R, and it's EPIC. I'm not that great on the source material, but twistomatic does some incredible things with these characters. I started reading her fic in the Skins fandom and because it was so very, very good I decided to give this a shot. After the second wave of the epidemic, Maddie hits the road and ends up in a small town run by Whiskey's gang. This fic has everything including zombies (it was written for the [livejournal.com profile] apocabigbang, so you know we're talking about post-apocalyptic shit here)! And deeply screwed up, heroic, tough women who will fuck your shit up. For you Dollhouse fans, no worries. It all comes around to a showdown and characters you're familiar with.
So, I started watching this show a few months ago with the gf and got completely engaged. I know, you'd think a hyper leftie pinko commie like me would NEVER like a show like this, but it is surprisingly... progressive? I know, I know. It boggles the mind. Also, hot, capable women killing and blowing shit up is always going to be my kink. But the last ep of the last season, WTF show? And why did no one warn me (I'm looking at you [livejournal.com profile] ralst!)?

cut for super-spoilerishness for S8 )
via boingboing:

click your (ohsoboringnotavajayjay) mouse )
Apparently that whole I'm gonna paint vajayjays all semester thing that so many art students go through? Designers do too. Only their designs actually get made. Or not.



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