Sep. 17th, 2006 12:59 am
Just a quickie because I decided to take a break from the mountain of reading and there was [ profile] jennyo fic in my flist!! Starbuck BSG [ profile] jennyo fic!

Five Bad Girls Starbuck Hooked Up With to Britney Spears is Starbuck/Meredith, Starbuck/Cadman, Starbuck/Faith, Starbuck/Helena, and Starbuck/Lucy Diamond R and is all kinds of hilarious and Hot. What's truly incredible about this fact (besides the hilarity and the hot) is the way [ profile] jennyo manages to keep Kara and everyone else in character over all of these crazy!different fanuniverses.


Sep. 13th, 2005 11:15 am
Abandon by [ profile] jennyo, NCfucking-17, Laura/Kara. Once again, Ms. Oksana brings the writerly hawt with the bonus and sexiness of power dynamics -- Laura is the frakking President after all. And Starbuck may have been abused, but she's no victim.
Yes, it's crossover (pick a day) here at, Fight Like a Girl. Did you know there's a community of BSG/Stargate crossover fic and it's all Kara/Sam? I didn't.

via [ profile] projectjulie's BSG femslash Master List, I give you [ profile] starcrossedlure.
My favorite is Star crossed Series by [ profile] woodface, which isn't finished yet, but I'm enjoying the hell out of it anyway. Arrogant, distant Sam v. arrogant in-your-face Kara is complex and pretty hot. The rest of the fic in the comm is a series of unrelated ficlets by [ profile] lyssie that are well worth a read for the hotness alone. Kara and Sam in showers, in storage bays, in get the idea. the best thing about these fics (beyond the hotness) is the grittiness of the ship. Everything's in short supply, it's cold, and grimy and...yeah.

And I thought my (WIP) Starbuck/Rain(Resident Evil) crossover was an insane pairing. *shakes head at the wonderfullyinsanewrongness of fandom*
via [ profile] bsg_femslash, [ profile] projectjulie has put together a list of femslash fic from the new!Battlestar Galactica fandom. I've recced a couple of these and can't wait to read the rest, but I thought I'd share because femslash in this fandom is so ridiculously rare.

Thank you [ profile] projectjulie!!
[ profile] jennyo has fulfilled my not so secret wish and written some excellent Kara/Roslin full of longing, hints at hotness and, of course, power dynamics. ...And Other Indoor Sports is PG-13 so don't get your hopes up for teh smut. But still steamy 'cause [ profile] jennyo has a gift for the dialogue=sex equation.
There is a serious femslash deficit happening in BSG. And with such hotness and slashability (Starbuck! Boomer! Roslin! and even Six!), it's particularly disturbing.

Thankfully, all is not lost. There is femslash goodness out there for us BSGfans if you look hard enough:

A Prayer to Aphrodite by [ profile] minerva_fan. Kara/Roslin, NC-17. The President needs a bodyguard on an away trip...hotness ensues. And even as good as the hotness is the playful banter leading up to it. Roslyn is fast-becoming my fav character on BSG. She's smart, human, and absolutely ruthless. Starbuck was my favorite character, and it's not really her fault she's written so poorly this season. This fic gets the Kara I love: unapologetic, insubordinate badass with a carefully guarded soft side.

Eventually, Laura stopped struggling against her, stopped trying to control the pace. Eventually, Laura stopped being in charge.



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