Two of the links today are to [ profile] thelastgoodname's LJ. If you haven't already friended her (I think there may be 2 of you left), you're missing out.

First [ profile] thelastgoodname take on the recent 'bromance' girlsquee with Someone at metafandom has a wicked sense of humor and the ongoing 'erasure' of lesbians. Why is it that it's cool for women to be friends without sex, but when men are friends it really means they just want to be having sex? Bonus for reference to one of my fav fics, Boston Marriage, by [ profile] jae_w which is Rory/Paris, Gilmore Girls.

Then [ profile] libba_bray (yes, THE Libba Bray who wrote A Great and Terrible Beauty which is set in 1800s England girls' boarding school and one of the main characters is a lesbian) responding to California's now constitutionalized bigotry: There's nothing wrong with you, which is a line from Milk. Turns out, Libba Bray's father was a (closeted gay) minister who shared his secret life with his family. Wonderful stuff that needs to be said. Over and over again, apparently. Because this isn't just about us queers, but everyone we care about and who cares about us, which turns out to be pretty much everyone.

and last, but not least, in the 'file under crackverse' tag, [ profile] thelastgoodname outlines the birth of Petrovsky/Miranda Priestley (Law and Order/Devil Wears Prada), which began (as almost all of these things do) with the diabolical genius of [ profile] wizened_cynic, who will undoubtedly rule the world some day.

Also, if you guys aren't watching Pepa/Silvia, you are missing out on the hottest shit on TV. For reals. Via [ profile] pepa_silvia and [ profile] random_flores: And I had to remove the link because the video has been removed.I'm sure there's a world of appropriate meta regarding this, but I'm worn out.

eta links to the great and terrible Libba Bray

edited to change the link to Libba Bray's journal entry because the link I posted made it look like there was only one comment when there are, in fact, close to 200 already.
So [ profile] ein_myria suggested that we go through our rec lists and find recs that fit each cliche and/or link to any fics that may fit the strict criteria of the [ profile] alien_altars challenge. Of course, I'm all over that. think of it as, um, inspiration all you cliche ficcers;

About to die, must have hot sex

Like You Really Like It by Xena's Little Bitch is Xena/Gabrielle, Mature, impending apocalypse...again.

Aliens made us do it
Upset, Upended, and Upgraded is SG-1, Pink Rabbit. Also from the SG-1 fandom is Another Sip of Wine by JSwrdsmth.

I just recced two Xena fics by Ella Quince that met this criteria and there's also Purest Love by Seana James.

Bound by Bailey B, J/7, Voyager. There's also Symphony Twisted also J/7.

There is No Fucking in Hades by [ profile] mirabile_dictu is SGA, Teyla/Elizabeth, NC-17 and if I haven't recced this already I should have. It's EXQUISITE!

Je me souviens by [ profile] queen_zulu is Buffy/Faith, mature.

In the SGA fandom a standout from [ profile] alien_altars: Fade Out to Black by [ profile] bluflamingo is Laura Cadman/Katie Brown and the author deftly uses amnesia to essentially recreate Atlantis for Cadman. Amazingly done.

Another brilliant fic from the SGA fandom, must be something here by [ profile] lilysaid is Teyla/Sora, Mature.

Aphrodisiacs/Sex pollen
from the Xena fandom there's The Enchantment by friction.

Daring by Blaze is SG-1, Sam/Janet.

Caught masturbating
The Water's Edge by Tegan Jovanka, Xena, NC-17.

Everyone thinks we're doing it<
Rumours of Love by Ella Quince is Xena/Gab, Mature.

Forced marriage
From SG1 and [ profile] alien_altars there's the hilarious and entertaining Hey Baby, Let's go to Pegasus" which is Sam Carter/Laura Cadman.

Forced to share a bed/sleeping bag/tent
Fuzzy morning after or "do you remember what we did last night?"
Genderswitch (one or both women is turned into a man)
Huddling for warmth

Family by Harriet (SG-1, Sam/Janet) is the first fic to come to mind for this category.

Rumours of Love by Ella Quince is Xena, Mature. This could also be characterized as Everyone Thinks We're Doing It and is.

Kid fic
eta okay, I've changed my mind. You MUST check out [ profile] wizened_cynic's AJ fic (scroll to the bottom and start with the fic there). This is the crackiest crack!verse ever. This version of the crackverse has Alex knocked up at 16 and A.J. is the result. The rest of the cracky Alex/Lorelai is told from kidpov.

Multiple universes (the characters meet versions of themselves from a parallel universe)
I think SG-1 pretty much pwns this category. As One by Harriet has an alternate Janet coming back.
and Everything by Pink Rabbit involve alternate Sam's and are two of my fav fics in this fandom.

Tempus Fugit by me (yes, I'm a walking cliche!) is BTVS, Willow/Tara, Faith/Buffy.

The Broken Thread by Ella Quince is Xena, Mature.

16 Hours by Bailey B, J/7, Voyager.

Pregnancy (hey,women can get pregnant too)
[ profile] wizened_cynic's Alex/Lorelei fpreg Rosemary, Rosemary over in the [ profile] bun_in_oven comm devoted to that strange fic creature known as fpreg.

That Unfamiliar Activity by Xena's Little Bitch is Xena, Mature.

Slave fic
I'm pretty sure Xena's Conqueror stories pwn this category so I'll only mention a few:
The Conqueror's Touch by Xena's Little Bitch.
Penance by Penumbra
The Gift by Megan O'Brien is uber.
The Gift by Carola "Ryûchan" Eriksson is PG-13 and turns the tables making Xena the slave.

Tether by Harriet is SG-1, Sam/Janet. Not my fav Harriet fic, but still good.
A Warrior By Any Other Name by Melissa Good is actually only the first part of this enormous Xena, soulbond epic.

Già Cogli Angeli, Ivanova? by Penumbra is Babylon 5, Susan/Talia.
also Babylon 5, Susan/Talia Night by Metis. Hot telepathic sex in a shuttlecar.

Trapped together in a cave, shack, etc
A Moment of Truth by Curiositee is Xena, Mature.

Undercover as a prostitute
I got nothing. sorry.

Undercover as lovers or a married couple
Chicago 5am by L.N. James is Xena uber/original and it's a great story with a smokinghot love scene.

Not sure if this counts, but Weir and Cadman posing as a couple in order to stay together on a Wraith slave planet is surely worth something: A Place Called Home by [ profile] muppetmanda is SGA, Weir/Cadman, Mature.

Virginity or virgin sacrifice
I'm not sure if this is what the mods had in mind, but Ella Quince's Return from Poteidaia is an extraordinary first-time/virginity fic. Then again, half the Xena fics are first-time fics.


We almost died, must have hot sex
Near Miss by Meghan O'Brien is Xena, uber, Mature (of course!).


That's all I've got now. I'll add more later...

edited to remove the first time ever I've had to remove a fic. I thought it ended at the second installment (it really, really should have), but the author added two more parts of truly horrific (as in disturbingly violent including rape scenes) stuff. I don't get it. It was a great fic...
Apparently Alex/Lorelai is the new crack.

if this should be, send me a little word by [ profile] wizened_cynic is Alex/Lorelai, PG-13 and it's a wonderful antidote to Convictions even if it isn't Alex/Olivia. The writing is so strong and [ profile] wizened_cynic is a master of show don't tell. Despite the light, airy tone of the fic, it covers some incredibly deep emotional ground.
Okay, not that I'm complaining (because I'm SO not), but could someone please explain where all of the Alex/Lorelai is coming from? I mean, I'm thankful because it's generating some truly wonderful fic, but...Alex/Lorelai?! I know there's a story in the birthplace of this odd pairing. But it is sort of perfect. I mean, of course, Alex would end up in Stars Hollow for Witness Protection. Wouldn't she?

No Frontiers by [ profile] rysler PG-13 and Behind the Drawn Shade (which is a wild look at their relationship that begins at a performance of Wicked in NYC) and Queen of Sheba which is very Adult. I read these because they were [ profile] rysler because my favorite writers can almost always convince me to try an odd pairing. I was completely surprised at what a good fit this crossover pairing is. It's quirky and odd with wry and clever humor and plenty of room for angst -- this is Alex in WP, running for her life after all.

The Curious Incident of the Chick at Easter-time by [ profile] wizened_cynic in [ profile] even_angels_ is Alex/Lorelai, PG-13? This fic does a wonderful job with the characterization and witty dialog. It reminds me of the strongest of SVU writing (not fanfic, the actual TV writing, specifically that ep with the murdered Tibetan woman and the foot fetishist -- w/Ilyana Douglas!) and the small amount of quirky GG that I've seen:
Sometimes I just want to hold your hand in public. That's all. I'm not asking for anything else. I know it's hard for you because you're from Iowa, and they don't have enough funding to teach people how to express their feelings in Iowa, since they spent all their money buying vowels for the name of their state.
See, Gilmore Girls, meets Alex in hiding. Brilliant!

Please let me know of any other Alex/Lorelai fic out there.

Also, I know I still owe a huge BSG mega-rec as well as a new SVU mega-rec and VMars. Soon...

eta Okay, [ profile] kennedyismyhero tells me that Alex/Lorelai springs from a conversation she had with [ profile] wizened_cynic in which they "talked about all the places SVU-Alex went while in Witness Protection, I suggested County General (ER) and somehow she got stuck on Stars Hollow. It mutated from there..."

Also, via [ profile] thatfangirl, [ profile] wizened_cynic has an entire site devoted to her Alex/Lorelai...'obsession' is a strong word, isn't it? We'll call in an 'enthusiasm'.

and [ profile] rysler points to another really wonderfully bittersweet and LOL funny [ profile] wizened_cynic A/L fic the truth, and cheesecake. [ profile] wizened_cynic makes the best of this pairing, finding a way to bring in Alex's sadness and loneliness in WP, while finding a ridiculously charming partner to lighten things up...and drive her completely insane.
[ profile] rysleralso points out that I have the wrong link to "Queen of Sheba", so I've corrected that. I hope. Sorry...

Holla Back

May. 8th, 2005 01:57 pm
I figure it's about time I give something back to femslash, so here it is, the first of several installments.

Novel length

Terra Firma by Tulipp. BTVS, Willow/Tara -- Tulipp can write people! A Tara resurrection story. Tara returns to Sunnydale and it's up to the Scoobies to figure out how and why. Beautifully done. Julie/Tulipp was the writer who made me go, "holy shit, you can do that with fanfiction?!?" It's that good.

Campus by Anik LeChev. über 7/Janeaway. Set in the cutthroat, high octane world of...academia. Actually, it's so über, it's..definitely a different universe entirely. I've never even watched Voyager, but this came highly recommended and it's worth it. It's a fascinating story by someone who obviously knows their way around universities, not to mention the English language. A cast of well-drawn original characters rounds out a truly amazing piece of fic. Ms. LeChev is also responsible for Game's End(J/7) a really remarkable answer to End Game, the final ep of Voyager. Characterization is just pitch perfect.

Cooking on High by Creme Brulee is Xena uber. Again, not my fandom, but god this is funny and complex and hot. Set in the cutthroat, backstabbing world of...haute cuisine. Xena (French) is a crazy chef with a checkered past and Gabrielle is the hapless waitress who complicates everything.

Monique Bartok is one of my new favorites. Sere Nere (L&O/SVU Alex/Olivia) is a realistic and haunting look at what might have happened if Alex had returned to NYC. Realistic because they don't just fall into each other's arms and make nice. It's awkward and uncomfortable and lovely. Also, Crash and Yearn (CSI Catherine/Sarah) takes one of my least favorite shows and pairings and does something remarkable with it. Mad props to Ms. Bartok.


Third Time's the Charm by Jennifer Oksana. BTVS/Angel, Willow/Fred. Ms. O can write sweetness too. And damn her dialogue's good!

The Unbearable Weirdness of Being by klynkey. (Gilmore Girls, Paris/Rory). Spot on characterization and LOL funny/cute because how could it not be?

Final Exam (links to Lesbo Street Cred, tommo's site) by Tommo. BTVS, W/T. It's enormous, but every chapter is essentially a PWP based loosely around a different S3 ep. The premise: Tara comes to Sunnydale High and meets Willow. A smut classic in the W/T ship. But don't just read it for the smut, Tommo's characterization and writing is truly inspired and her sense of humor will have you howling out loud. Her take on Gingerbread (Cookie Monsters in the Final Exam[verse) is just laugh out loud stuff, but with a bittersweet twist. Willow is burned at the stake because she's gay, not because of witchcraft. The only drawback, they're only available as .doc downloads. Well worth it though.

Pseudoscience by Jennifer Oksana the master of PWP. BTVSxAngel, Willow/Fred. Jennifer O is one wonderfully sick girl and she can write like an angel. It doesn't hurt that I really like the W/F pairing and she just nails the characterization. Also, if you're into het or slash, Ms. O has tons of it on her site.



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