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Rizzoli and Isles fic:
Pretty much anything by [profile] snuffnyc is worth your time and she tends to write very long fics, which is a bonus. Her LJ is friends only though, so you'll have to ask nicely to access her wonderful fics. A Whole Person is Maura/Jane, Mature with some serious hurt/comfort thrown in (can you tell I feel awful and am relying on f/f to get me through?:). I really love snuff's characterization and pacing and the fact that she's a cop IRL gives her fic an added depth and 'realness' that the show can't really capture. I wish snuff wrote this show. Then we'd get the gritty policework AND the romance instead of lameass plots and the man-of-the-week.

ETA [profile] laurel_hardy makes all our lives easier with snuff's fanfiction.net account. Thanks!!

When Maura Isles Made it Rain is Mature with the added bonus of 'undercover as a stripper' and it's by one of my favorite authors, [profile] harper_m. Difficult and complex, Maura and Jane stumble and trip and eventually fall into romance. Nothing is simple with these two and harper really makes the most of these complex, very adult women. It's such a fucking relief sometimes to read about real women with real jobs and real consequences for what is essentially a life-altering decision.

Criminal Minds, AU, Crackverse, WTF
And finally, some levity, [personal profile] wizened_cynic is one of my favorite writers, but she tends to write fic that is unbelievably difficult to categorize, including her crackverse Alex(SVU)/LorelaiGilmore Stars Hollow/witness protection with its multiple pocket universes that include fpreg. Always Take the Crazy with You
is like that only it's RPF Criminal Minds AU, AJ/Paget Brewster set in some crazy workplace and...I don't know. It's awesome and insane and go read it! Crap. I think her LJ is friends only too. Go make friends!
I stopped posting for many reasons (among them, illness and a severe case of Impostor syndrome which I know is crazy since we're all sort of impostors online), but I kept reading femslash by the fuckton. I've decided that not rec'ing is sort of selfish. The reason I started rec'ing fic in the first place was as a sort of huge thank you to the writers. Obviously I can't even begin to make a dent in the enormous pile of fic I have to rec, so I'll stick with those that made me return to them again and again. Also disclaimer/warning: I tend to prefer longer fics, so this list is biased that way:

Legend of the Seeker:
All the Days by [profile] tcbg77 is Cara/Kahlan, Mature, AU (with mentions of a very different past Cara/Dahlia). Kahlan and Richard's daughter is kidnapped and Cara agrees to accompany Kahlan to get her back. Epic with complex characterization and plotting. Just a great fic.

Pieces Form a Whole Another epic, Cara/Kahlan AU (Mature), this one by [profile] simplesetgo. Kahlan has lost her Confessor powers and she and Cara must stop Darken Rahl...again.

A Light That Never Went Out is a very sweet Cara/Dahlia fic (AU) by [personal profile] fembuck that has lots of feelings and Cara muddling and cursing and sexing her way through them.

Warehouse 13:
Left Unsaid by [profile] anamatics is Myka/HG, AU, PG. H.G. didn't die and continues her life as Emily Lake (although still H.G. w/her memories intact). Complex and nuanced look at loss and love.

Two awesome fixits: Time After Time by [profile] muppetmanda (NC-17 with genderswap, bodyswap elements) and An American Warehouse Agent In Paris (and London) by trancer, which is Mature. Both use the time travel cliche in very different ways to reunite our heroes.

We Were Lovers (Now We're Not Even Friends) by [personal profile] scurvyknavery is NC-17 and awesome.

The Future An Experiment by [profile] thrace_ is R and lovely and complex (there's that word again).

[personal profile] fewthistle's epic AU. Although this is a link to the last in the series, Roads that Never Found You, there are links to the prequels in the introduction. This is a beautiful, haunting Alternate Universe with plots that read like non-goofy W13 eps (although Pete still supplies much-needed comic relief).

and one Merlin fic:
The Ivy Crown by briar_pipe is an EPIC Gwen/Morgana fic (AU) that is really about Morgana coming into her powers as Uther's heir when Arthur doesn't return. I'd like to have seen more of Gwen in this, but it really is an astonishing fic.

I forgot how long that takes. Whew. More later...


Aug. 18th, 2008 08:33 pm
More femslash reccers that are not me:
[livejournal.com profile] twtd recs femslash. Actually, they're more like reviews because twtd is actually somewhat critical (and I mean that in the positive sense) unlike me. Plus, s/he recs drabbles! And I don't. Ever.

I realize that I've neglected one of the hottest fandoms for femslash -- The Devil Wears Prada -- but [livejournal.com profile] thelastgoodname, thankfully, has the goods. Apparently, The Devil Wears Prada is to femslash as Harry Potter is to boyslash -- the mothership -- and thelastgoodname hooks you up with the sex0r that is this fandom. Thelastgoodname also recs fic from around the femslash universe, so check her out! She even recs the hotterthanthegatesofhell Harriet fics I recently read that inspired this post.


Sep. 17th, 2007 11:48 pm
Yes, I've been falling down on the job, but so many others are doing so much:

over at [livejournal.com profile] passion_perfect, [livejournal.com profile] ralst just posted a bunch of South of Nowhere and SGA recs.

[livejournal.com profile] thelastgoodname shares her extensive list of The Devil Wears Prada recs. Or should I call it her 'Best of Telanu's fic' recs?

And [livejournal.com profile] femficrecs is back in action with even more SGA recs.

[livejournal.com profile] projectjulie responds to [livejournal.com profile] runetraverse's question, "Is it a law that you have to be a lesbian to write Femslash" with thoughtful comments and an impressive list of links to related threads from fandom past and present.

And as always there are the the gorgeous women of [livejournal.com profile] femslash_today who bring me all the goodies every. single. day. And probably making this post redundant. *g*



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