Yes, this is a WIP and I have a (probably ridiculous) policy about not posting recs of stories that may not be finished, but this fic is deserving of one of my few exceptions. Also, it came along at exactly the right time. In other words, I needed it.

State of Grace by [ profile] syrensoul_red is Xena, post-fin, NC-18, WIP. This is one of those fics where everything comes together, the writing, the incredible characterization and the exceptional story. Not to mention that it hits my warrior!Gabrielle kink, like whoa! Post-Fin, the warrior Gabrielle makes her way back from Egypt to Thebes to see Sappho perform. Xena's ghost follows. Just astonishingly good! And [ profile] sr_m_grammatica is the beta/editor for this piece (from what I can gather), which should be even greater recommendation for you Xena fans. This has all the makings of a classic. Go give the love and coax this writer into writing more. Soon. :)

edited because while [ profile] sr_m_grammatica is apparently supplying inspiration, she isn't the beta on this wonderful piece.

Also, the writer has chimed in to let me/us know that this is not a ghost!Xena story. Or it is in the very best way. :)
Having a crappy week and resorted to comfort fics. You know. Those fics you read over and over again when you're feeling kinda low. Okay, maybe you don't know. Anyway, I noticed that one of my favs, hadn't been rec'ed yet, which felt sort of wrong.

My Little One by jo2mello is Xena/Gabrielle, R-ish? This is wonderfully written, perfect romance and characterization. After years of pining away for Xena, Gabrielle has finally gotten over her and moved on. Unfortunately, Xena's finally fallen in love w/the bard. Is it too late?

In the category of just read and 'new to me', in other words, not fic I've had the chance to read over and over:
Venn Diagram by [ profile] trixiesfic is SGA, Weir/Cadman, PG-13. Another wonderfully sweet fic. Cadman's mission: to train Dr. Weir in self-defense.

who pays attention to the syntax of things will never wholly kiss you by [ profile] scarletts_awry is also Weir/Cadman, PG-13. Another lovely and romantic Weir/Cadman fic. I love this pairing. Maybe it's the cerebral, melancholy leader and the brash, charming soldier pairing or something. great chemistry. Also? Fantastic title!

In Sorrento by [ profile] theholyinnocent is Mel/Janice, uber, Mature. Actually, I'm not sure how to tag this. It's part of the holy's epic Mel/Janice. An epilogue of sorts? Francesca in Sorrento...

[ profile] jengrrrl rec'ed this first, and now I'm reccing it:
Eusphyra by [ profile] justreadme is Skins, Naomi/Emily, Mature. This is just absolutely lovely. Perfect characterization and just...perfect. Naomi and Emily plan to go to Cyprus. When the parents say no, they manage a day's getaway to St. Levin an ocean-front town that dips into the Atlantic like a spoon, threatening to fall in.


Jan. 13th, 2009 01:26 am
Apparently a few people got the wrong idea after reading my last post and thought that I was saying that all Conqueror fic is antirec fic. I had a long, defensive post written and then I realized that I was being just as hissy about criticism as the people I, um, criticized (some of my best friends are Conqueror fics!!) , so I deleted it and decided to do a Conqueror rec instead.

I've actually done quite a few Conqueror recs. The problem is, I didn't create a separate tag, so you'll have to go through all of my Xena recs to find them.

For more of the Conqueror fic I've collected, go to my delicious account where I do have a separate Conqueror tag. Although, after reading the FAQ on AOC (below) I'm going to have to revisit my tags and expand my list. I've been a bit too literal with the tag until now.

Since my list is hardly comprehensive, I suggest you go to Annals of the Conqueror (AOC) for the most insanely comprehensive list of Conqueror fics I've even seen. It also has an incredible FAQ that made me rethink the way I define Conqueror fic (what do you do with fic in which Gabrielle is the Conqueror, for example). Make sure you read the warnings in each fic because this is a portal/archive, not a recommendation list, so you never know quite what you're going to run into. I'd call out to the creator of this site personally, but I'm not sure she's into that so I'll wait for her to chime in. Or not :)

My favorite Conqueror fic is unfinished and doomed to remain that way, so I won't put you through the heartbreak. This is really a fascinating subgenre of femslash with incredible story and character potential. Srsly. You have a terribly complicated female - let me repeat that - FEMALE (!!) ruler who has had to do terrible things to get where she is. When she meets up with a soulmate whose very essence is antithetical to everything she is...well, I think you get the picture.


Jan. 10th, 2009 07:33 pm
So, I've had the flu for the past week or something that looks like the flu so any reading I did...I don't remember.

But I started stumbling around today reading a few things and I ran into one of Those fics. They tend to reside in the Xena fandom, although I've met them in a few other fandoms as well. I'm not even quite sure how to characterize them ([ profile] theholyinnocent and I tried and met with some success). What I can say about them is that the author(s) seems to derive some sadistic pleasure from inflicting hideous, disgusting, and often ridiculous tortures upon their characters using Xena's Conqueror persona as an excuse, usually. I've read other, very good fic written about a sadistic Xena that doesn't give me this same creepy feeling that the author is getting a sick thrill/wank off of it.

Anyway, my GF asked why I don't do antirecs (after I described this fic and she was utterly horrified and asked me to never describe one of these fics to her ever again) and I thought it was a bit weird that I don't. I used to simply delete these fics from my bookmarks, but I think some sort of warning is in order. So if you run into a fic tagged 'antirec' in my delicious account, you know that it's me warning myself and others not to read. No, I don't antirec all BDSM, in fact, I wouldn't characterize these as BDSM at all since it is not in any universe sex between consenting adults. So, yeah, antirecs are not fics I don't like or even fics I hate; they're fics that I consider to be toxic waste and should be handled and disposed of with care. I used to tag them 'torturefic' but that doesn't seem strong enough.

If you're the author of one of these know what? I don't care if I hurt your feelings. There's enough ugly shit in the world. If you want to write this disgusting, hate-filled crap, you should be able to handle some criticism/hate right back.
A few quick favs from the very small selection of porn battle fics I've managed to read so far:

Red Wine and Hope if [ profile] blueflamingo is SGA, Laura Cadman/Katie Brown, Mature. This ficlet manages to be an extraordinary character study in what is essential a (scorching hot) PWP.

Tease by [ profile] uselessmarks is Xena, Mature. When it was, it was grand. And when it wasn't, it was pain. More beautiful, hot as hell fic. [ profile] uselessmarks's other fic, To the Bone, is angsty, focusing on the warrior's battle with herself and can be read as a prelude (I think? sort of?) to Tease.

sarcasm by [ profile] hyel is Bethany/Liz, Dogma, Mature (obviously!). I know nothing about this fandom, but that doesn't keep me from appreciating this lovely, lovely piece of literary hotness.

going back for more... until I have to finally buckle down and write that paper that's due tomorrow.
Just a couple of Xena recs because I ran across some new (to me) classic fics and had to share:

Storms of War by JLynn is R for violence and it's novel-length. This is an extraordinary story that follows Xena and Gabrielle to a town under siege, a town Xena once sacked as a warlord. There is a romance woven through the story, but JLynn really takes her time building it. In other words, if you're looking for smut, you should probably look elsewhere. Apparently, there's a sequel (I can't wait!), which may or may not grant the GOGA. Still, this is a remarkable story that actually had my jaded, cynical self in tears near the end.

Dragon's Child by Domenica is Mature and it's novella-length. Another remarkable story. This one centers on Xena and Gabrielle's relationship, intertwined with stories within the story told by a bard who seems awfully familiar. This story is told in fragments that come together beautifully at the end. Also, one of the best takes on their relationship I've seen.

Also, Virtual Season 2 of Women's Murder Club (Lindsay/Cindy) returns Oct 31st! If you're not following this fantastic season (which is such an improvement on the show, they're barely comparable), you're really missing out. Fantastic stories, writing, and group dynamics. Finally, a group of women who are really there for each other. Love!

Also, also: check out [ profile] pepa_silvia community for all your Pepa/Silvia needs, Including videos, picspam, and [ profile] random_flores' translations. Hmmmm, think I need a fix right now *hurries over to the comm* *G*


Jun. 24th, 2008 08:50 pm
leavethesky: (gabrielle warrior)
Pretium Silenti by Spyrel is Gabriator (TM[ profile] theholyinnocent), MATURE. [ profile] theholyinnocent and I had a (relatively) long discussion about this fic and I'm still not sure what to think about it. Let me say up front that it's an incredibly good story with excellent writing. The Conqueror is in Rome when she sees the Gladiator, Gabrielle, in action. Yes, you've seen this story before, but never like this. Xena takes Gabrielle back to Greece and all Hades breaks loose. My uncertainty about this fic has nothing to do with the writing, but the violent content. There is rape, non-con het sex, and Gabrielle survives just HEAPS of violence. And yes, she's on the other side of that equation quite a bit as well, but still, it's a bit much. On the one hand, I'm very much in favor of more 'realistic' versions of what life would have been like for women in that period. And Gabrielle is not just a woman, but a Greek 'barbarian' (to her Roman masters) and a slave. She is completely owned and used by her masters. Also, any romance between Gabrielle and the Conqueror is only hinted at (a sequel hopefully?). Essentially the same level of subtext as the show. Was this confusing enough? Basically, I think it's an incredible story -- one I can't stop thinking about -- but it's not for everyone. This is the violence you don't see in the movies. Violence that debilitates and maims. It's difficult at times, but a cracking good story and well worth it.

eta: okay [ profile] theholyinnocent reminds me that this is not one of those horrible 'Conqueror tortures Gabrielle in horrific and sexually degrading ways' fics. It's nothing like those fics. Then again, once I realize that I'm reading one of these monsters, I tend to stop reading and tag it with a warning so I don't make the mistake of re-reading it.

of course theholy says it all better than I could:
Well, the level of violence in the story did not bother me as much. (Maybe I am just desensitized to it? After all these years of reading XWP fic? I don't know.) That being said, it's not an easy story to read, particularly for someone who may have triggers/issues about rape and physical violence/abuse. And I would say that if one does have those issues, you should give it a pass. I understand why the content would bother some readers.

But I believe I have read considerably worse stories in terms of violence--worse, in one sense, in that it's the Conqueror who perpetuates the violence/sexual abuse against Gabrielle. (And I've certainly read stories where the Conqueror is a lot more vicious than in Spyrel's story.) In fact, there is one I'm thinking of--it was either a Conqueror story or an AU one--that is so ugly and horrific I don't even want to describe it to you. What makes the difference for me with Spyrel's story is that the violence doesn't seem glamorized or gratuitous. Although I will admit that the story did kind of go off the rails toward the end, in that it seemed a little hard to believe Gabrielle was still mobile, let alone alive. (Ditto for Xena.) You're correct in mentioning that it was a very violent time, and sexual abuse toward women, particularly slaves, was part and parcel of that culture. I think if you want to write a realistic story, you have to incorporate all aspects of the period, even the ugly details.

And a Gabrielle who has suffered that level of sexual abuse is not going to jump into a sexual relationship w/Xena right away despite what pop culture tells us about rape, and despite the fact that by the end, it does seem clear (to me) they're heading in that direction. So I'm hoping that Spyrel writes a nice long sequel that deepens their relationship, both emotionally and romantically/sexually.

Triptych Sex and Triptych Home by Anima are Xena ubers (and classic?) and again is Mature. Very sexy scenes from the lives of 3 couples, classic, contemporary and 2 women in WWII France. Beautifully written and incredibly hot. What more could you ask for?

That's all for today. Really. Promise.
A few very quick recs (translation: paper as good as done, time for some fun):
In the Weeds by [ profile] liz_estrada is Lindsay/Cindy, R and marks the conclusion of her incredible season of Women's Murder Club. Don't bother with the show, Liz Estrada's got the goods. A whole season's worth. This is a spectacular finale that pulls no punches! Someone should put this writer on the payroll at WMC.

Apparently, [ profile] ralst put out a call for Women's Murder Club fic and all of femslashdom responded with stunning results, via [ profile] passion_perfect:
Just a Kiss is fluff by the goddess herself, [ profile] ralst, Jill/Cindy. Short and very, very sweet.

You Shook Me by [ profile] random_flores is Jill/Cindy, Mature and is a follow-up to Working Doubletime on the Seduction Line. 'meaningless sex' gets the best, hottest way imaginable.

Closure by Degrees by [ profile] demeter94 isn't technically part of the challenge, but it is Lindsay/Cindy, Mature, and it is damn fine. When Lindsay learns that Heather is pregnant, Cindy offers to get pregnant...and Lindsay's response is typically Lindsay, as in, typically screwed up. Great stuff!

and now for some non-WMC.

Smudges by [ profile] bank_farter is Fingersmith, Maud/Sue, 18 and is deliciously dark, beautiful, and haunting...yet hot.

[ profile] bank_farter also pointed me toward [ profile] harper_m's Fingersmith fic, Lament, also Mature, which explores the dark side of Maud's sexuality.

and some Xena
The Judging of the Queen by Pysta is Classic Xena, R. This is a beautiful post-Fin fic that's crack for all of us literary geeks (complete with Anne Carson's Sappho fragments). A great story told in beautiful, lyrical prose. Gabrielle returns to the Amazons after years of absence and must undergo three ordeals laid out by Artemis in order to recover her crown and the hearts of her tribe.

For Which the First Was Made is actually an original fic by someone named eToh, but it's found on the Atheneum's servers so I stuck it here. This is a stunning fic that shifts between POVs that slowly reveal a romantic mystery. Set in Singapore, Kris, a documentary filmmaker, is there to film the story of a closeted,very prominent lawyer. She meets a woman in the sauna who turns her world completely upside down. Flawless writing and storytelling. This fic is astonishing. And did I mention the hot?!
How do I love my femslashers? Let me count the ways:

more smut under the cut )


Nov. 25th, 2007 10:14 pm
Thanks to my pervy friends [ profile] wizened_cynic and [ profile] bank_farter, I ended up spending the past...way too long...coming up with a list of fic that match their/my kinks. I'm sick and I should be working on my paper and presentation that are due tomorrow, but...who cares.

100% Smut under the cut )

Of course, my biggest kink is well-written femslash. For a list of those LJ!!


Sep. 1st, 2007 12:12 am
[ profile] theholyinnocent has graced [ profile] passion_perfect with a new (!!!) fic, Infamia. It's a WIP, but it's already so gorgeous I can't help myself. Plus, I'm hoping the more squee I can manage, the more inclined Ms. Darkbloom will be to update. Quickly. This is an AU in which Xena rules with Caesar and Gabrielle is a gladiator. Apparently this sort of fic has a name -- Gabriator -- and it's my serious kink.

Please, [ profile] theholyinnocent, pretty please...

And [ profile] ralst I know I owe you some Voyager recs in honor of the upcoming Voyager month on P&P, but...let's just say I'm working on it. For now, please to click on the Voyager tag for the few I've managed in the past.
My new obsession is updating my own [ profile] alien_altars-inspired rec list...too frequently. I think this is proof that inspiration and often brilliance can come from a new approach to what should be a tired old cliché. Or it's proof that I'm insane. This is also, as usual, a cry for help. In the sense that I'm always looking for more cliché fic to add to my collection. Bring 'em if you've got 'em. Support my madness.

My list again:

About to die, must have hot sex
Like You Really Like It by Xena's Little Bitch is Xena/Gabrielle, Mature, impending apocalypse...again.

Aliens made us do it
Upset, Upended, and Upgraded is SG-1, Pink Rabbit. Also from the SG-1 fandom is Another Sip of Wine by JSwrdsmth.


Fade Out to Black by [ profile] bluflamingo is Mature, Laura Cadman/Katie Brown. Wonderful fic!

I just recced two Xena fics by Ella Quince that met this criteria:

The Tavernkeeper's Sister and Well of Sighs both by Ella Quince. Both are NC-17, both classic and both stories use amnesia as a plot device to very different ends. I'm convinced Ella Quince (yeah, I finally get it -- Eloquence) is the pen name of a professional writer. Her prose is just that good. It's efficient and elegant with moments of absolutely breathtaking writing. But beyond that, the stories are wonderful and her classic Xena and Gabrielle are flawless.

and there's also the wonderful Purest Love by Seana James.

and Everything You Know by Nut56

Bound by Bailey B, J/7, Voyager. There's also Symphony Twisted also J/7.

There is No Fucking in Hades by [ profile] mirabile_dictu is SGA, Teyla/Elizabeth, NC-17 and if I haven't recced this already I should have. It's EXQUISITE!

Je me souviens by [ profile] queen_zulu is Buffy/Faith, mature.

In the SGA fandom a standout from [ profile] alien_altars: Fade Out to Black by [ profile] bluflamingo is Laura Cadman/Katie Brown and the author deftly uses amnesia to essentially recreate Atlantis for Cadman. Amazingly done.

Another brilliant fic from the SGA fandom, must be something here by [ profile] lilysaid is Teyla/Sora, Mature.

Aphrodisiacs/Sex pollen
from the Xena fandom there's The Enchantment by friction.

Daring by Blaze is SG-1, Sam/Janet.

Caught masturbating
The Water's Edge by Tegan Jovanka, Xena, NC-17.

Everyone thinks we're doing it<
Rumours of Love by Ella Quince is Xena/Gab, Mature.

Forced marriage
From SG1 and [ profile] alien_altars there's the hilarious and entertaining Hey Baby, Let's go to Pegasus" which is Sam Carter/Laura Cadman.

Forced to share a bed/sleeping bag/tent
Fuzzy morning after or "do you remember what we did last night?"
Genderswitch (one or both women is turned into a man)

Huddling for warmth

Snow by Rebelgirl is Voyager, T/7


Family by Harriet (SG-1, Sam/Janet) is the first fic to come to mind for this category.

Rumours of Love by Ella Quince is Xena, Mature. This could also be characterized as Everyone Thinks We're Doing It and is.

Kid fic
eta okay, I've changed my mind. You MUST check out [ profile] wizened_cynic's AJ fic (scroll to the bottom and start with the fic there). This is the crackiest crack!verse ever. This version of the crackverse has Alex knocked up at 16 and A.J. is the result. The rest of the cracky Alex/Lorelai is told from kidpov.

Multiple universes (the characters meet versions of themselves from a parallel universe)
Wow, I just realized that I completely misunderstood this category. Most of these are one character meeting another version of another character from another universe. uh, yeah.
I think SG-1 pretty much pwns this category. As One by Harriet has an alternate Janet coming back.
and Everything by Pink Rabbit involve alternate Sam's and are two of my fav fics in this fandom.

Tempus Fugit by me (yes, I'm a walking cliche!) is BTVS, Willow/Tara, Faith/Buffy.

The Broken Thread by Ella Quince is Xena, Mature.

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained by Tonya Muir is Xena, Mature. Xena chooses to stay in the "Remember Nothing" AU with the slave, Gabrielle.

16 Hours by Bailey B, J/7, Voyager.

Pregnancy (hey,women can get pregnant too)
[ profile] wizened_cynic's Alex/Lorelei fpreg Rosemary, Rosemary over in the [ profile] bun_in_oven comm devoted to that strange fic creature known as fpreg.

Found Family is SGA Teyla/Sora

That Unfamiliar Activity by Xena's Little Bitch is Xena, Mature.

Baby, the Skies'll Be Blue is Imagine Me & You, Rachel/Luce, PG-13, mystical lesbian pregnancy!

It's Yours is Ash/Scribbs, PG-13, Murder in Suburbia (of course!) by the goddess herself, [ profile] ralst.

Slave fic
I'm pretty sure Xena's Conqueror stories pwn this category so I'll only mention a few:
The Conqueror's Touch by Xena's Little Bitch.
Penance by Penumbra
The Gift by Megan O'Brien is uber.
The Gift by Carola "Ryûchan" Eriksson is PG-13 and turns the tables making Xena the slave. Also by Carola is Gladiator which is warrior!Gabrielle hotness!
Tale One:Journey's End by LJ Maas is essentially a sexfest that goes a bit crazy at the end in search of a plot. But definitely, entirely of the hothothot!!
Conquering Liaisons is another Conqueror fic.

Tether by Harriet is SG-1, Sam/Janet. Not my fav Harriet fic, but still good.
A Warrior By Any Other Name by Melissa Good is actually only the first part of this enormous Xena, soulbond epic.

Già Cogli Angeli, Ivanova? by Penumbra is Babylon 5, Susan/Talia.
also Babylon 5, Susan/Talia Night by Metis. Hot telepathic sex in a shuttlecar.

Trapped together in a cave, shack, etc
A Moment of Truth by Curiositee is Xena, Mature.

Apparently, "trapped together in a turbolift" is such a cliché in the Voyager fandom that [ profile] ralst's P&P has devoted an entire page to these fics: Turbolift Stories.

Undercover as a prostitute
I got nothing. sorry.

Undercover as lovers or a married couple
Chicago 5am by L.N. James is Xena uber/original and it's a great story with a smokinghot love scene.

Not sure if this counts, but Weir and Cadman posing as a couple in order to stay together on a Wraith slave planet is surely worth something: A Place Called Home by [ profile] muppetmanda is SGA, Weir/Cadman, Mature.

Undercover(s) by [ profile] racethewind10 is CSIMiami, Natalia/Calleigh, WIP. A serial killer is targeting lesbian couples: one blonde w/blue eyes, one brunette w/dark eyes. hmmm, sounds like most of the f/f pairings on my list.

Dating Undercover by [ profile] the_girl_20 is WMC, Jill/Cindy, R.

Undercover by [ profile] mercury_chkita is WMC again, Lindsay/Cindy, R. Same prompt from ralst.

Virginity or virgin sacrifice
I'm not sure if this is what the mods had in mind, but Ella Quince's Return from Poteidaia is an extraordinary first-time/virginity fic. Then again, half the Xena fics are first-time fics.


We almost died, must have hot sex
Near Miss by Meghan O'Brien is Xena, uber, Mature (of course!).

I'm Right Here by Rebecca Hall is X/G, Mature.

Yes! My first Yenta fic! Profiler, Profiled by [ profile] lysachan is Criminal Minds, Emily/JJ, PG-13. Garcia's the yenta...of course.

That's all I've got now. I'll add more later...

edited to remove the first time ever I've had to remove a fic. I thought it ended at the second installment (it really, really should have), but the author added two more parts of truly horrific (as in disturbingly violent including rape scenes) stuff. I don't get it. It was a great fic...

You should also check out [ profile] ein_myria's very own femslash cliché rec list. There is some overlap, but a LOT less that you'd think.


Aug. 12th, 2007 01:11 am
Two more from the fabulous [ profile] fialka. and those who love (PG-13) and Sundown (NC-17) are both post-Fin and both are haunting and absolutely exquisite. These two could be sequential with Sundown first in the order as Gabrielle travels back from Jappa. There is nothing light and fluffy here, both deal with Gabrielle's emotional devastation and grief. Fialka's descriptive mastery turns Gabrielle's grief and anger into possibly the greatest enemy she has faced. It's obvious Fialka is writing out her own grief and anger at the series' end, which makes the emotion even that more intense and palpable. Have I mentioned that bitter, jaded, warrior!Gabrielle is my kink? Or one of them?
I noticed that re-reccing has actually been a good thing since a lot of people who are new to this LJ (or the Xena fandom) get to read recs that are long-buried.

Any list of my Xena favs (actually, my any fandom favs) would have to include Apocalypse I - Nemesisand its sequel Apocalypse II - Inferno, by Brigit Morgan, Mature. Be warned up front that this series is unfinished, but there's so much here already and the series does reach a climax of sorts, if not the final one. I really can't say enough about these fics. They're absolutely stunningly well-written and conceived. One of the most ingenious post-Fin resurrection fics I've encountered. More than that, this is just flat-out excellent writing. Gabrielle, after Xena's death, makes her way to Rome hoping to die there. Of course with Nero in power and Meridian, assassin of the gods, running around it's not going to be that easy for the bard. Absolutely brilliant! Also, it fits my serious kink for hotwarrior!Gabrielle because this really is Gab's fic.

Also, I should give credit for all of my lovely Xena icons. This gorgeous icon was stolen from [ profile] theholyinnocent. The Gabrielle 'Warrior' icon was [ profile] cila89's work. All the rest are [ profile] thrace_'s genius.


Aug. 1st, 2007 10:29 pm
Okay, so I lied. Besides, it's still Xena month over at P&P.

The Amazons of Dahomey by Susan Smith is the sequel to the astonishing, Charioteer in the City of Har, that I've already recced...twice. The Amazons picks up immediately after Charioteer and it's as compelling a story as you would expect from this incredible writer. Set in Africa, this story puts the bard and warrior in the middle of a complex confrontation between the nations of Har, Egypt, Rome, and the legendary kingdom of African Amazons known as Dahomey. Gabrielle is accidentally kidnapped and becomes a pawn/player in a complicated plot by the Romans to pit the Amazon nation against Egypt and Har in order to weaken them for Roman conquest. Xena, believing her lover dead, becomes the Ghoul, the Drinker of Blood as she cuts a murderous swathe across the desert searching for Gabrielle's remains. Riveting! And I love the way Smith incorporates the gods of Africa and Har (much as the show did with Norse gods and Eli's god). Susan Smith rocks!


Aug. 1st, 2007 12:40 am
Last rec of the day (a couple of days late:)

Constancy by Xena's Little Bitch is Mature. I wasn't sure how to end this although I'm sure I'll be posting more Xena recs over time. I wanted to end on the right note and I think this fic captures it. Gabrielle's POV as she remembers the past, her 'dream Xena' (the one she fantasized about, but never had), and finally gets what she wants in another country ruled by different gods.

I'm really astonished by the Xena fandom. Particularly since I wasn't a fan of the show (I know, shame on me) and I've come to it so late. In XWP fic I found the emotional depth and strength I was looking for (and found lacking) in the show. Not to mention the freedom to finally bring these two together. As much as I joke about femslash and subtext, allowing these two to truly love each other in every sense of the word (as evidenced in so much incredible fic) would have heightened the drama and given the show a much richer palette. So much fic went beyond the sexual, beyond the camp and the cliches to give us/me the strength and heart and epic, sweeping stories I was searching for. Yes, the show was brave, but the fic is so much braver. Thanks so much to all of you who write it.
Thanks to [ profile] ralst's Xena Love interest poll and a comment on that from [ profile] thelastgoodname, I realized that for the first time in ANY fandom I have an OTP: Xena/Gabrielle. I'm sure you've noticed that when it comes to pairings I'm a bit of a ho. But not when it comes to this particular fandom. So, if you're looking for the odd Xena/Callisto or Xena/Lao Ma, sorry, I probably won't have it here. I mean, I don't even bother putting the pairing on my recs, y'all! wtf?

xena rec of the day:
Another one I've recced before: Penance by Penumbra is a dark, BDSM, Conqueror, NC-17. This is the first of a dark trilogy about the Conqueror and the slave.

I sing the song of Xena the Conqueror
Who with a heart of darkness loved light itself.

I sing the song of Gabrielle the Bard
Who with a heart of purest gold loved darkness itself.

Incredibly intense and beautifully written fic.

Also, [ profile] anomalys has added even more Xena recs, plus an HP (Hermione/Tonks). Yes, peeps, it looks like my dream has come true and there's another crazy femslash reccer out there! there's just not enough w00t in the world for that!

Also also, [ profile] ralst has added a bunch of Xena fics (and media) to P&P. And by Xena fics I mean Xena/Gab.

Bionic Woman
[ profile] jennyo re-edits the pilot (in caps) with evil gay sexy results!The Story of Lesbian Robots and Hatesexin' Love. She follows that with the smoking hot fic A Serious Lack of Impulse Control which is Mature (of course!) BTVS/Bionic Woman crossover, Faith/Sarah. Sarah's going hunting and finds Faith. Faith's not Jaimie, but she'll do. Love Sarah's 'voice' in this one, the identity confusion and cyborgisms. There's a malfunction in the wetware somewhere, replacing Faith with Jamie. Not good. Will have to be repaired.You'll need a whole new ranking of hot for this one. gah!


Jul. 27th, 2007 10:41 pm
xena rec of the day:

Cry Wolf by Mary Morgan is PG-13. I may have recced this before, but it deserves more attention. A young mute woman finds herself imprisoned in a small village...but nothing is as it seems. This is my favorite kind of fanfic. Mary Morgan is a masterful writer whose story is as compelling as any fairytale or episode of the show. She takes these characters and this world and creates, well, magic.

xena, sga

Jul. 23rd, 2007 04:55 pm
xena rec of this day:
Wounded by Tonya Muir is PG-13. Yes, I realize I just recced a Tonya Muir fic (and may have recced this before), but I feel like crud so you get hurt/comfort. And one of my favorite fics. Xena takes care of a desperately ill Gabrielle and allows long-buried feelings to resurface.

both via [ profile] thelastgoodname and [ profile] alien_altars
Fade Out to Black by [ profile] bluflamingo is Mature, Laura Cadman/Katie Brown and it's astonishingly good! bluflamingo turned the tired cliche of 'amnesia' into something extraordinary and new, using Cadman's amnesia and some original backstory for both characters to create an entirely new world. bluflamingo's prose is rich, yet spare and she has a masterful touch with the meaningful details that really are god in fiction.
She’s always liked women more than men, the way that foreplay is part of sex, the feel of another woman’s breasts rubbing against hers, the way touching slides seamlessly, endlessly, into fucking.
I think that might be my new sig line. *g*

Hey Baby, Let's Go to Pegasus by [ profile] medie is Sam Carter/Laura Cadman, M. [ profile] medie uses the 'alien aphrodisiac' and 'forced marriage' prompts and, well, has a hell of a lot of hot fun with them.



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